What happens when Power Supply is not enough for Graphics Card?

Power Supply Issue

Do you remember the first PC you built? Oh. So many flashbacks! I was interested in Tech because of my brother. He and I loved talking about latest graphic cards, games and what not. We built our first PC together, and there came the problems: PC crashing, screen showing artifacts, shutting down repeatedly and what not. We later realized the problem and fixed it. 

 If you have previously built a PC and suffered with the PC behaving abnormally, there’s a chance that we shared the same problem.  

Building a PC with low-quality power supply will never take you anywhere. We all have somewhere done that in the past, and we all hated it. What happens when we build a PC with low-quality power supply is atypical; the computer shuts down in an atypical way or shows random abnormal behavior. There’s a chance that the video might keep crashing and their might be artifacts shown on screen.  

Don’t take power supply lightly. Power supply and CPU energizes the whole system. If we mess-up there, we are messing up the whole system basically. Here comes the W part: What happens when power supply is not enough for graphics card? CPU and Graphics processor should never be given too much or too less load. What happens next can be concluded as ‘failures.’ 

Symptoms that occur due to Less Power 

When the video card receives less power, you will see artifacts on screen. If your video is crashing quite a lot, then there’s a chance that the video card is receiving lesser power than it should. 

When the hard drive doesn’t receive the desired power supply, the PC acts as if it is hit by a virus. The symptoms are virus-like. The issues caused by it may seem untreatable. If that is the case, then you can safely reach to the conclusion that the hard drive isn’t receiving enough power. 

Other Symptoms to Look Out For

  • While starting it, your PC might start numerous times or will start repeatedly. 
  • Simple tasks might end up freezing it or it will restart from time to time. You might try opening a picture, or double-clicking a feature at Daily-motion, and boom, your PC will either freeze or restart. 
  • When the GPU doesn’t receive enough power, you’ll have a hard time playing video games and watching YouTube; your videos will crash quite a lot. 
  • Your PSU will switch off while loading games. 
  • If you’re looking for an obvious sign, system not booting at all is the biggest sign that your power supply is having an issue. System not booting at all can be linked with other issues too. First rule out those. For example your cables might not be intact. If nothing works out, you can believe the fact that something’s up with the PSU.
  • An unpowered PSU will give a hard time to graphics card to be able to smoothly run apps and games without freezing or crashing. If you can’t find a reason behind your application crashing repeatedly, invest in a new PSU with higher wattage. 
  • You may hear weird noises coming from the back of the computer. 
  • After turning on for a few seconds, it might turn off again—on its own. This specific problem is not necessarily related to power failure but looking out for other symptoms might help you reach a conclusion. 
  • It might display a blue screen—the screen we call, ‘’the blue screen of death.’’ This might happen when you’re using an application or specifically playing a game

The only solution to your problem is to get a PSU with higher wattage. If you want to prolong the lifetime of a PSU, don’t go cheap and keep the PSU dust-free. Getting a 750W power supply is highly recommended. If you can’t decide on one, we already have a few guides and recommendation on the website that you can check out. 

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