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What Power Supply Do I Need for Gtx 980

What is GTX 980?

The GTX 980 is a high-end graphics card powered by NVIDIA. Featuring Maxwell; the newest architecture of NVIDIA, it was launched in September 2014 as a hardcore graphics card. It is a prodigious graphics card for gaming with unbeatable virtual reality experience and 4k. Moreover, it has a memory speed of 7.0 GBPS and supports HDMI. You can run all modern games efficiently on GTX980.

GTX 980 Card Specs:

Below are the specs of GTX980 graphic card:

  • Next Gen Technology.
  • 4k quality gaming.
  • 1080P display.
  • Supports DirectX 12.
  • Dual card slot.
  • 2*6 Pin-power connectors.
  • 4 GB Memory.
  • GDDR5 memory type.
  •  256 Bit Memory Bus.
  • 77.82 GPixel/s Rate.
  • 165W TDP.

GTX 980 Card Dimension:

The dimension of GTX 980 graphics card is given below.

Height Width Length
40mm or 1.6 inches 111mm or 4.4inches 267mm or 10.5inches

Pros and Cons of GTX980:

GTX 980
  • GTX 980 is the fastest chip-card available in the market.
  • It runs quieter and cooler than other AMD cards.
  • It has Great Port Selection.
  • Moreover, it needs less power comparatively.
  • The card has an improved design with metal plate over PCB.
  • Over the top price is Competitive.
  • The only drawback is that it might require 2 pin-power connectors.

Power Supply requirement for GTX980:

GTX 980 requires less power consumption, which is 500-watt as per suggestions on the stock card. 500watt power supply is less costly and commonly used. Along with the anti-aliasing features, the GTX980 graphic card also has a higher image quality on lower resolution screens. 

The less power supply, anti-aliasing features, and high quality image makes GTX 980 the best gaming card specifically at 1080p. There is no such direct competitor of this unbeatable card. 

The Standout Features of GTX980:

This hardcore graphic card has the following features that make it stand out:

Dynamic Super Resolution:

The dynamic super resolution technology enhances the visually lackluster games. By executing the game at extremely high resolution and further downscaling the outcome it efficiently sharpens the blur textures. Moreover, the technology also adds detailing into the fine objects like distant characters and grass etc. 

GeForce experience software is required to run this application and it works well with almost all existing games. 

Metal Black Plate on the PCB:

NVIDIA has come up with a smart move by placing a metal black plate on the back side of the card and not leaving it exposed. 


GTX980 looks quite identical to GTX 780 but is slightly powerful comparatively. Hence, the card gives you more features and power in less cost. The excellent performance with relatively less cost makes GTX980 a sensible choice for gamers in 2022. 

Final Verdict:

GTX 980 requires 500watt power draw which is quiet common.  It is an intransigent graphic card with excellent features and low price. Overall GTX 980 is efficient, remarkably well-built and affordable.

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