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Md. Usman is a tech enthusiast with an experience of over 10 years in the field of affiliated marketing. He used both of his passions to come up with engaging content that’s authentic, compelling and helps users buy the best products online.

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Editorial Process 

At Pro Built, we follow a different strategy. We rely on experts who live and breathe technology. Call them tech wizards, tech gurus or tech geeks, they know all there is to know about the best laptops, monitors, CPUs, GPUs and PSUs out there. They review each product in detail and only the best and most comprehensive reviews make it to your screens. This means that you get to read reviews written by real reviewers with real authority over what they are claiming.

How we started?

The people who write our tech reviews are IT professionals, researchers, managers—in short, people out in the field who make a living out of working with technology. They are far better informed to comment on different devices than an average writer who simply puts together information that they have obtained from multiple websites. We take our work very seriously and believe that every user is entitled to have access to expert and professional reviews before parting with his money to buy a laptop.

You Can Trust Us!

It can be so annoying to buy a laptop after reading a positive review only to find out that you’ve bought a piece of junk. Trust us when we say we’ve been down that route so many times. To help other tech buyers avoid such nightmares, we came up with the idea to build Pro Builts, where you get advice from the best pros in the tech market. Being genuine tech experts, our reviews are based on field research and not simply online browsing. We hunt down different brands, compare competing products, interview users and virtually take apart every machine to study its ins and outs. It can take hours but we are crazy about offering our audience authentic, research-based reviews about the best laptops and tech gear.

Our Story

Many would believe that every individual has a different use for the same tech equipment. You might need a GPU for one purpose and another user might need it for something else. 

One laptop user might work as a bank executive while another might be a freelance architect. Just as the technical specs vary, so do the user requirements. The experts who write our reviewers have diverse professional and industry experience. 

So whatever you want to use a particular computer for, our reviewers can tell you which device will give you the best results. For example, do you want a laptop that you can carry to a client’s office, or are you a pro gamer who wants a laptop with awesome visual and sound effects? See, that’s where you can tell an average review from an expert review. There is simply no comparison.

We don’t want you to feel disappointed or cheated out of your money. That is why we are committed to working with only real tech experts who write reviews based on their real experiences to help users make informed decisions. 

How we work?

Product research

Our reviewers always have one eye on the market. Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, Asus, what are all of these guys up to? What have they already brought out in the market, and what are their scientists working on deep inside their research labs? Our reviewers have deep industry knowledge and they are constantly adding to it. They work closely with dealers, retailers and sales reps to know exactly what the next tech revolution is going to be.

Real experience

Each one of our tech reviewers is a tech professional. Without exception. This helps us ensure that our reviewers are constantly riding the crest of the technology wave and have access to current knowledge about IT practices and trends. How else can we inform you about whether a certain model of laptop or monitor will last you five years into the future? 

Testing every product

No review is published unless the reviewer has personally used and tested the product. That’s because no matter how many product descriptions and independent reviews you read, you cannot get the same feel that you get after using a product yourself and seeing how it works. Everything from the interface, to the design, ergonomics, speed and battery life assumes a different life altogether when you encounter these things while using a product rather than simply reading them off a user manual.

Genuine recommendations 

When any of our reviewers recommends a product, it is always based on their actual experience with the product. Since they have made the investment of actually buying a product and using it for hours if not days, you can be sure that they won’t be giving you a mediocre recommendation. All our product recommendations are based on sound research, intense comparative analysis and actual user experience. 

How is Pro Builts different?

Here are some of the ways in which we stand out from other tech review sites:

  • Hiring real tech professionals to write detailed product reviews
  • The best writers, editors, image artists and marketing professionals to help you make the best decision
  • 100% organic and user-based feedback without any third party involvement
  • We bring you the voice of real experts from the tech industry
  • Completely unbiased reviews without any kind of monetary benefit
  • Detailed and comprehensive scientific comparison between different products 

Our Commitment

It is our commitment to provide you with intelligent, genuine and honest reviews about the products featured on Pro Builts. Only the most experienced and knowledgeable reviewers make it to our team and spend hours doing research before producing a review for you.

Being a small team is our strength rather than our weakness and we take pride in it. It makes us more accessible to you so that we can listen to your needs, problems and challenges, and give you the best solution that works for you.