Why My Monitor goes Black for a Second [Problem Solved]

Monitor goes Black for a Second

No matter how recent or old, any system can experience a black screen. Sadly, the black screen might persist anywhere from a few moments to many minutes if you’re experiencing this issue. It is quite problematic!

The issue is the monitor goes black for a second is dependent on your system and everything that is currently operating on it. The excellent thing is that you can resolve each of these problems if you have them.

Why your monitor turns black after a second? 

A monitor getting darker could suggest a variety of issues. But it doesn’t always mean you have a hardware failure with your computer. I will tell you several approaches to figure out what’s wrong.

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Let’s look at what’s leading your monitor to turn black in the first instance.

Why does your monitor keep going black for a few seconds? 

To begin, you must accurately define the problem in terms of giving you the most acceptable solution. There are a variety of reasons why monitors go black, but here are some of the more prevalent ones:

  • Restart the device completely
  • The connection cord is broken
  • Keep an eye on hardware failures

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Let’s examine each of these problems one by one to see what’s leading your screen to go dark.

  • Cables 

Does your display go black for a few moments and then suddenly turn on? Yes, it usually happens when something terrible happened with the connection or power to the machine.

These cords include the monitor’s power supply and any other type of connectivity, such as HDMI and screen connection cords. 

To see if this is the case, easily replace out any of the connections and see if the problem will disappear. If you are using a DVI connection instead of an HDMI connector, double-check your connections and hardware with a different monitor.

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  • Monitor Over-heating 

An overheated monitor can result in graphical glitches, screen flashing, and the screen going dark at odd times. What leads a monitor to overheat in the first place?

There are a few reasons for this, but the main one is nearly always a shortage of airflow. What exactly does airflow imply? Your display had ventilated if there is enough airflow around the elements and via the ports.

  • Monitor Refresh Rate 

Not selecting the proper response time on your display is among the most frequent types of going dark on the monitor. Some displays have a 60 Hz refresh rate by defaults, which isn’t a major deal for playing professional video. But it isn’t the case when it goes to be effective.

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If you are using your laptop for work, you should set the refresh rate to the highest possible. If you don’t set your monitor to the appropriate refresh rate, you can notice display splitting as soon as you turn it on.

  • Graphic Drivers 

If your monitor goes dark for a few minutes, your graphics drivers may need to be updated. The problem identified is that your graphics card has become damaged. It requires repair or updating to prevent the screen from going dark.

You will need to upgrade your video card drivers if the current ones are leading your display to go black. It’s also possible that the graphics card is having trouble interpreting all of the data you are passing via it.

  • Power Supply 

Another reason for your monitor shutting off could be that your computer’s supply voltage is under too much strain. It can arise if your computer’s hardware has not accurately positioned.

If you suspect this is the case, you should consider replacing your electricity supply. Another thing you may attempt to check out the power supply as the problem is to replace the connectors you’re using. 

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Even you can use a different outlet for your laptop. it will help to remove any potential discrepancies in your home or office’s power grid.

  • Computer Crash 

Your computer or Mac may crash or lock. It is undoubtedly one of the most common causes of a black screen on your display. There is a good possibility your graphics card has warmed if you have been using your laptop for a long period.

The computer attempts to lower the temperature by rotating the energy. Thus, it means it shuts off for a few seconds before turning back on.

How to fix the screen goes black for a few seconds? 

I have the following methods to help you fix your screen goes black for a few seconds’ issue:

1st Solution 

Try a Windows Key Sequence to Wake up the Screen 

2nd Solution 

Reinstall your graphics Card Driver 

3rd Solution 

Remove or Update 3rd Party Anti-Virus Software 

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Many people are concerned about the issue monitor goes black for a second. When this issue comes while you are working on a critical project, it’s more than a bit irritating.

Based on what’s causing the issue, rebooting your system and turning on your monitor may take a couple of minutes. As a result, debugging techniques are essential for locating the causes of the issue and taking corrective action.

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