How to Make Steam Games Open on Second Monitor

How to Make Steam Games Open on Second Monitor

Multi-monitor configurations are increasingly popular these days, particularly among gamers. These can take the role of ultra-wide or flexible screens. This way, they also let you concentrate while gameplay.

Certain games, particularly those that had not optimized for the PC, can generate problems for users. 

Is it possible to make steam games open on the second monitor? 

Along with simple methods, you can quickly get this method. Furthermore, many people are attempting to run a game with high requirements on a low-end PC. It will result in poor functionality.

Thus, when you start a game, the system restores it to show at your consistent pace. Do you wish to make your games play on your other screens for some causes? If yes, then specifically follow the guidelines outlined in the guide below to answer how to make steam games open on the second monitor.

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How to launch steam games on a second monitor? 

There are a few options for running steam games on your primary or second monitor. I will offer you more information about them here. So, let’s get start it!

  • Using Window Mode 
  • Switching the Primary and Secondary Monitor 
  • Move to the Projector Mode 

Method#1: Using Window Mode 

When you are playing a game, many of them employ a full-screen view. 

As a result, the Graphics system operates with your primary monitor dedicated to such games. Over this, the video card may not be able to play games on the second monitor. 

You can use windows insight to launch the steaming games on the second monitor if the producer has enabled it. Windowed mode, frameless window phase, and full-screen tiled mode are all supported by most games nowadays. 

Thus, playing steam games on the second screen has gotten more convenient in recent years. 

  • You have to click the Alt + Enter buttons simultaneously while the game is playing. The display will switch to a windowed mode. 
  • Then move the game display to the second monitor and activate full-screen viewing once more. On the secondary display, you can now play the game. 
  • You can also look at the game’s options to see whether the window style option is available. 

Some customers have stated that after launching the program on their primary monitor, they click the window/super icon. And it displays all active windows. Then they switch the gameplay window to the second screen and come to enjoy it there.

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Method#2: Switching the Primary Mode and Secondary Mode 

You can set the second screen as your primary display if you want to run steam gaming on it. For such gaming requirements, this option is the most efficient and safe.

Ensure that your second screen had linked to the USB or VGA port before moving on to the configuration window.

You need to follow the directions below to change the primary display to secondary:

  • To begin, click the start button
  • Click the control panel or go to screen > settings
  • Now go to the part where the counts of the linked screens are displayed.
  • Select the image of the panel you wish to use as your primary display from the symbols on the two displays
  • Tick the box that says, “Consider this my primary display”
  • Select ‘Apply’

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Method#3: Moving towards the Projector Mode 

Dual-display consumers are less familiar with this strategy. However, it is effective in a wide range of situations and is straightforward to implement. 

All you have to do is turn on the ‘Projection screen Only’ (or ‘Second Screen Only’) button in the PC configurations.

After that, click the Windows + P icons at the same time on the computer desktop. Then select ‘projector only/second display only’ from the drop-down menu.

Your original monitor will now be empty, and the game will continue to run on the second screen. To restore your screen’s original setup, repeat the process. 

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All my write-up is specifically written to provide you the simple solutions of how to make steam games open on a second monitor. After reading all the approaches, you can get the appropriate answer to your questions. 

You may have performed several games on your primary display and loved them. But playing a game on a separate USB-powered monitor is a completely other perspectives. So, I recommend that you give it a whirl. 

If you have gotten the answer then do share your experience with me!

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