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How to Connect Graphics Card to Power Supply

The external power of these graphic cards comes from the 6-pin and 8-pin PCI-Express power connection from the power supply. Here I will talk about the designs card power prerequisites and its PCI-E power connectors. Here are the different connectors through which designs cards get their power.

Graphics Card PCI-E 6-Pin & 8-Pin Connectors Explained

A graphic card is a significant element of a PC and it generally consumes more power compared with different elements. Budget level or some section level mid-range graphic cards draw their power from the PCI Express x16 space just however the higher-mid reach and top of the line graphic cards require outer force from the power supply for their working. The outer force for these powerful graphic cards comes from the 6-pin and 8-pin PCI-Express force connectors from the force supply. Here I will examine the graphic card power requirement and its PCI-E power connectors.

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Graphics Card Power Connectors

PCI Express x16 connector

Each advanced graphic card comes a PCI Express x16 connector that goes in the PCI Express x16 space of your motherboard. PCI Express x16 connector associates your graphic to the motherboard and is the lone interface through which correspondence occurs. A PCI Express x16 opening can give a limit of 75 Watts to the graphic card which is sufficient for section level, low profile and spending graphic cards. Indeed, even some mid-range designs cards can also deal with the force from the PCI Express x16 space alone yet higher mid-range graphic cards and very good quality graphic card requires outside power from the PSU through 6-pin and 8-pin power connectors. Beneath you can see the PCI-Express x16 connector of the graphic card.

6-Pin connector

A 6-pin power connector can supply 75 Watt to the illustrations card. So assuming your illustrations card power utilization is more than 75W, it will have one 6-pin PCI-E power connector for its working. An illustrations card with one 6-pin power connector can have a greatest force utilization of 150 Watt as it will get 75W from the PCI Express x16 opening and 75W from the 6-pin connector. The majority of the mid-range designs cards from both convoys the 6-pin power connector.

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8-Pin connector

The 8-pin power connector can convey a limit of 150W to your illustrations card. So assuming your graphic card power utilization is more than 150W, it will accompany a 8-pin connector or two 6-pin connectors. A designs card with one 8-pin power connector can get a limit of 225W of force, 75W from the PCI Express x16 space, and 150W from the 8-pin connector from the force supply. The most recent High-end graphic cards accompany the 8-pin power connector and a portion of the force hungry top-end graphic cards can have both 6-pin and 8-pin connectors and two 8-pin connectors. An graphic card with both 6-pin and 8-pin connectors can have a most extreme force utilization of 300 Watt (75W + 75W + 150W).

How To Connect A Graphics Card To Power Supply

Step 1 – Before Turning Off Your PC

In the event that you’ve purchased another card that is from an unexpected producer in comparison to the card you effectively own, you need to completely and appropriately eliminate the entirety of the drivers from your PC before introducing the new designs card. 

The following coherent advance would be to uninstall every one of the drivers through the Control Panel, yet there are a few things tunneled somewhere down in the library and such. Consequently, it’s ideal in the event that you introduce Display Driver Uninstaller and run it in Safe Mode. It’s a free and simple to utilize programming, and it will improve on the interaction significantly.

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Step 2 – Discharge Static

This is a little yet critical advance that can save you a difficult situation if things go astray. The undeniable thing you’ve most likely previously done is unplug the entirety of the links from the back and front of your PC. 

Albeit the odds of your new GPU getting seared are thin, it’s as yet imperative to release static just to be wary.

Step 3 – Remove The Old Graphics Card

The first thing to do here is to remove the power connectors. When you do that, unscrew the screws that are holding the GPU to the back plate. Then you just need to push down the retaining clip on the PCIe socket and gently lift your old card.

It might seem like you don’t have to be gentle, but you never know when your old graphics card might come in handy.

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Step 4 – Insert The New Graphics Card

This progression is basically the past advance backward, however you actually should be cautious. 

When putting down the card, there shouldn’t be a lot of obstruction. On the off chance that there is, check if there are links in the way or anything that can actually prevent you from embedding’s the card. At the point when you have ensured that the card is right down, ensure that the holding cover or the security lock is appropriately set up by flicking it back up. 

After the new card is solidly in its planned PCIe space, embed the force link. The connector just goes one way, so in case you’re experiencing issues, you should attempt it the alternate way. When the link is set up, ensure that it’s not meddling with the GPU’s fan(s). 

Step 5 – Reconnect The Cables And Boot Up Your Computer

All that is left presently is to boot up your PC and luxuriate in the brilliance of your new illustrations card, appreciating that magnificent 60 FPS experience. 

In any case, pause, for what reason is the goal so wrecked? The last advance in this cycle is the establishment of appropriate drivers. 

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Numerous cutting edge designs cards will accompany their own auto-introducing drivers, yet you will in any case need to check your producer’s site to ensure you have the drivers’ most recent rendition. 

Also, the writing is on the wall. After you’ve introduced the appropriate drivers, it’s down time.

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