10 Best Power Supply for Ryzen 9 3900x [Reviews & Buying Guides]

Best Power Supply for Ryzen 9 3900x

You are PC gamer? & Looking for Best Power Supply for Ryzen 9 3900x for you new upcoming build,  So you have upgraded your PC with the Ryzen 9 3900x but can’t decide on the power supply unit for the new build. Here you are at the right place for the solution to your problem!

AMD Ryzen 9 3900x is the most advanced processor in the world for elite gamers and multimedia editing stations. It has 12 cores, 4.6 GHz turbo clocking speed, and 24 threads, which makes it a praiseworthy processor.

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But a power supply unit to Ryzen 9 3900x is like the heart to the soul. Its power consumption is the key aspect because it demands a considerable amount of powerful power supply units (PSU). 

A power supply unit is an important component of IT hardware. It not only converts the fluctuating high voltage into the direct current but also regulates the direct current output voltage to a fine reading making it compatible with the latest computer components.

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Not every PSU can handle the load of the Ryzen wattage. You need a PSU that is tried and tested, highly reliable, and comes with a great value to run along with the precious components of your PC in a safe way.

What to look for?

You need a PSU that is not only supplying the right power to your Ryzen 9 3900x but it must operate with a low level of noise, high power performance, and it should have a long life to value your money and uptake the heavy loads of the big processor.

You must be thinking low of the thermal design power of 105W only of Ryzen 9 3900x. However, there are other factors to look at while choosing the best PSU for Ryzen. You must take into account the GPU, motherboard, SSD storage, and other complex features of GPU and CPU.

Every PSU cannot supply the claimed wattage because almost all the load is falling on the 12V rail. Here the rated wattage is quite less on 12V rail resulting in reboots, system lock-ups, inability to start, and crashing or failing systems.

There are so many options in the market that will make your head spin crazily with confusion

To save your time, we have rounded up the PSU for Ryzen 9 3900x for you. These options with their reliability and great value run your graphics card, gaming set up, and processor like the best. Let’s dive into it to make the perfect choice of selecting the right PSU!!

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Reviews of Best Power Supply for Ryzen 9 3900x in 2022

1. EVGA SuperNova G3 650

EVGA 220-G3-0650-Y1 SuperNOVA 650 G3, 80 Plus Gold 650W, Fully...
  • EVGA 850 G3: The next generation in power
  • 80 PLUS Gold certified, with 90 percent (115VAC) / 92 percent (220VAC to 240VAC)...
  • Fan size/ Bearing: 130 millimeters hydraulic dynamic bearing for ultra quiet...

EVGA is the creator of some of the best hardware in the industry. The PC community experts recommend their power supply the most. Supernova G3 650 tops my list of power supply units as it is highly reliable, sturdy build, and delivers the best performance by staying pocket-friendly.

You can uplift your gaming machine along with editing videos, gaming, and another programming with this efficient PSU providing high wattage for these functions. It supports the power supply to your 64 GB RAM, NVidia RTX 2080, and an ATX motherboard staying in range with its maximum output.

This robust device is a tried and tested model that can do more than your gaming needs with your Ryzen 9 3900x. It delivers stable and high voltage for optimized efficiency even under high loads.

Features and specifications

EVGA G3 65o is the best power supply for ryzen 9 3900x as it serves with a perfect 650W to run the mega processor smoothly. This Tier 1 PSU is a full modular with the highest quality. The Eco mode with the new HDB fan cools down your Ryzen 9 3900x effectively and runs the system extremely quietly. That means you can work peacefully without that annoying and distracting droning sounds.

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It has a compact size of 150mm that makes it suitable to fit in the device perfectly. It includes a power ON self-detector which can be turned off if the load is under the 30% range. It maintains strict regulation of voltage for the main rails to meet the best performance in accordance with the 5% standard of Intel.

With the certification of 80 plus Gold, it has the supreme efficiency of 91% at 50% load and an unbeatable efficiency of 87.5% at 100%. The dimensions of this PSU are 15.01×15.0 x8.51 cm. It weighs 2.63 KGs. It comes with a 7year warranty that covers repair and replacements too.

  • Supports 650 wattages with 80+ Gold efficiency
  • Compact size
  • Easy to connect
  • Money efficient

  • Includes limited screws for system installation

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2. Thermaltake Toughpower GF1

Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 850W 80+ Gold SLI/ CrossFire Ready Ultra...
  • [80 plus gold and Intel C6/C7 States ready] - Deliver up to 90% efficiency, Gf1...
  • [Ultra quiet 140mm hydraulic Bearing fans] - Self-lubricated hydraulic Bearing...
  • [Smart zero fan] - Auto-regulated fan speed based on power consumption for a...

It is one of the best choices of power supply which can run your gaming PC easily. The GF1 series of Thermaltake is compatible with every generation of Intel processor that optimizes it for better energy saving.

It gives an efficiency of up to 90% that is good enough for a power supply unit at this price. Having a single +12 V high ampere rail, it supplies power with stability and reliability to all components of the PC.

The low ripple ensures the performance of important parts e.g. graphic card and processor operations to go on smoothly and longer. It is upgraded with a 16AWG main cable that delivers power to high-end PCs like a piece of cake.

Features and specifications

The daughter boards of tough power GF1is soldered directly to the motherboard which gives the best heat dissipation. It also enables it for high-quality power output.

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It can be considered one of the best power supply with 650W of audio wattage and 80 plus GOLD SLI.

If the workload on the processor goes beyond 30%, a smart Zero fan with 140mm hydraulic bearing. The fan gives you amazing cooling performance being ultra-quiet at the same time. The fan is self-lubricating with the option of a button at the back. The fan can be turned off if not needed.

It is constructed with the 105 degrees best quality Japanese capacitor which is considered highly reliable and toughest.

This PSU has a dimension of 35 x 35 x 26.5cm and weighs 2.7 KGs. It comes with a 10-year warranty. In case of any issue, the company will replace or repair the unit.

  • Fully modular
  • Affordable
  • 10-year warranty
  • attractive

  • Does not include splittable 8pin CPU cable

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3. Seasonic Focus SGX 650

Seasonic Focus SGX-650 650W 80+ Gold SFX 12 V/ATX 12 V Full Modular...
  • High Efficiency, 80 PLUS Gold Certified: 90% efficient at 50% load
  • Compact SFX-L Size: Fits both SFX & ATX form factor cases (with ATX bracket...
  • Tight Voltage Regulation: keeping the 12 V, 5 V and 3.3 V rails within ? 3%...

Are you looking for a smaller PSU to plug into your Ryzen 9 3900x to minimize the volume of your PC? If you are aiming to build an SFF PC for gaming, home theatre PC, or mini ITX then this is the latest power supply for Ryzen. It would not only give you an extraordinary performance with the high-end graphics but also a silent and high-quality system too.

With its 80% Gold spec, it wastes less energy, hence cutting down your electricity bill and being Eco friendly at the same time. The full modular feature allows you to reduce your clutter by attaching the cables that you need to use only and maximizing the PC for better airflow. It also makes the installation process easy especially for beginners. 

Features and specifications

The most worth mentioning feature is its hybrid fan with 120mm capacity that has the following operational stages

  1. Cooling mode for loads 50% or higher
  2. Silent mode for up to 50% loads
  3. Fanless mode for loads up to 30%

With a satisfactory 80 plus Gold rating, it will give an average efficiency of 90% for 50% loads and above.

The Seasonic Focus SGX 650 is a fully modular PSU with SFX L-form factor providing maximum versatility. It has a dimension of 125mm x 125mm x 63.5mm. it has an operating temperature of 0 – 50 °C that makes the system work at extreme temperatures.

It has a warranty of 10 years along with an amazing price for the specs that it offers and the company’s commitment to superior quality.

  • Premium hybrid fan
  • Compact size
  • 80 plus Gold
  • Eco friendly

  • Noticeable shorter cables

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4. Corsair CV 650

CORSAIR CV Series™ CV650 - 650 Watt Power Supply, CP-9020211-NA
  • 80+ Bronze certified efficiency provides up to 88% operational efficiency...
  • CORSAIR CV Series power supplies are to deliver their full rated wattage of...
  • A 120mm thermally controlled low-noise cooling fan only spins at high speed when...

The CV 650 from Corsair is an affordable option but provides high-quality power supply operations for Ryzen9 3900x in your office or home PC. It is 80 plus Bronze certified and gives 88% performance efficiency.

A black-themed powder-coated casing of the PSU and sleeved cables give an individual and stylish look to your PC and Ryzen 9 3900x. The non-modular feature limits you to some extent giving you fewer options for plugging in wires and minimizing the clutter.

Whatever the variant of wattage you use, this CV series pumps up with full capacity continuous power. In this era, when everything compact is liked more, this 125mm long PSU fits inside the modern cases of PCs easily giving it a clean look. With 100% Japanese capacitors it makes sure of the unwavering power supply and reliability in the long run.

Features and specifications

A unique feature of Corsair CV series is that it delivers a full continuous power that guarantees a complete rated wattage. The 650 watts of the power supply is more than enough to boost up your heavy system with Ryzen. It has an 8-pin PCIE that includes the availability of 6+2 power connectors.

The Unsurpassed silent performance is achieved by a 120mm low noise cooling fan which is thermally controlled. It generates high speed only when a high-stress power supply is required. However, at lower loads, it slows down for silent performance avoiding unnecessary noise.

The 80 PLUS Bronze certification generates less heat making your system ECO friendly and saves your cost on energy efficiently. This product has 5 years of full warranty. It has tiny dimensions of 5 x 12.5 x 8.6 cm and a decent weight of 2.38 KGs.

  • 80 plus Bronze certified
  • 650 watts with unique looks
  • Low-noise cooling fan
  • Pocket friendly

  • Non-modular

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5: Straight power 11 650

be quiet! Straight Power 11 650W, BN618, Fully Modular, 80 Plus Gold,...
  • Virtually inaudible Silent Wings 3 135mm fan
  • Funnel-shaped fan opening of the PSU case for high airflow intake
  • Wire-free inside the PSU on the DC side for enhanced cooling and longevity

This is one of the highly recommended power supply for ryzen 9 3900x. It is top of the list for systems that require extremely inaudible features without compromising the quality of the power supply.

Shhhh! The virtually inaudible wings are super silent to work peacefully with that continuous buzzing sound that causes a complete headache if you are working for a longer time period. It is unmatched when we talk about the 6.1 energy performance.

The strong GPU with multi-function supports the PC with four PCI connectors of express quality. This PSU is made with unmatched quality control and a classy design in Germany.

Features and specifications

With the high efficiency of up to 93%, voltage regulation with SR, LLC, and high performance from DC to DC, it is a good choice for the best power supply for Ryzen 9 3950x along with 3900x too.

It features silent wings3 of 135mm sized fan. The huge funnel shape of the fan allows for the high intake of airflow. Another thing that plays its role in making it cooler and gives enhanced longevity, is it being wire-free in the Power supply unit on the DC allows complete cable management.

It has Japanese connectors installed in it that can bear up to 105°C of temperature ensuring reliability and high stability. The quantity of connectors allows you to plug-in multiple hard drives at the same time. Accompanied with a 5-year warranty it weighs 6.6 pounds that is slightly heavier than others. Its dimensions are 13 x 10 x4 inches.

  • Fully modular PSU
  • Up to 93% 80 Plus Gold efficient
  • 135mm sized fan wings
  • Japanese connectors with high-temperature stability

  • Slightly heavier

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6. NZXT E 850

NZXT E850 - NP-1PM-E850A-US - 850-Watt ATX Gaming Power Supply (PSU) -...
  • 80 PLUS GOLD CERTIFIED: E Series PSUs provide long-term durability and...
  • MONITOR YOUR PERFORMANCE: Power indicators monitored and tracked through CAM...
  • SAFER POWER: Onboard DSP lets you enable independent over-current protection...

The new series of NZXT form factors an ATX power supply for gaming and Ryzen 9 3900x. If you want to have real-time information on your power supply, then this is the ultimate choice. It gives precise information on temperature and voltage monitoring including rail wattage, temperature, and uptime.

The completely modular design cuts down the clutter of cable and makes the system building simpler for multi or single GPU. The standard OCP (over-current protection ) for 12 V output enables a safer power supply to the CPU, GPU and motherboard and protects the expensive components in the system.

The 90% efficiency delivers the power supply to all generations of intel processors while making it energy efficient too. It is definitely worth the price as it fits every case with the ATX standard while supporting AMD GPU up to Radeon VII NVidia GPU till 2080 TI.

Features and specifications

With an 80 plus GOLD certification, you can be satisfied with the long-term durability. It configures an output wattage of 850 watts that is big enough to run your Ryzen 9 3900x smoothly. The high-end Japanese capacitor makes the power supply more reliable.

When you supply the power for a load under 100watts, a 0DB feature gives a silent running of the system. The sleeved cables resist fraying from heat and make the cable life longer and safer.

You can track and monitor your power supply through a software of CAM to get an actual picture of your power supply’s health. Its size is 5.9 x 5.9 x3.39 inches and weighs 8 pounds that is a bit heavier. But considering all the other features, you can get ahead with the weight easily.

The 10-year limited warranty allows you to work with relaxation combined with a reliable power supply.

  • Complete modular design
  • Silent operation
  • PSU health tracking CAM software
  • Safe power with DSP onboard

  • Heavyweight

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7. EVGA SuperNova 850 G2 

EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G2, 80+ GOLD 850W, Fully Modular, EVGA ECO Mode, 10...
  • EVGA 850 G2 - "Next Generation in Power"
  • 80 PLUS Gold certified, with up to 90% efficiency under typical loads
  • Fan Size / Bearing: 140mm Double Ball Bearing.

This mighty power supply for ryzen with an 850-watt power is the problem to all your solutions of running Ryzen 9 3900x perfectly. It is the perfect choice for any component upgrade of your gaming or multimedia editing PC.

It is one of the most favorites power supply units due to its high wattage and amazing quality. If you don’t have price concerns then the extraordinary features are worth the high price.

It is the ultimate next generation in power with a small size but a big performance. The silent operation and superior performance guarantee a longer life span. It takes the system a notch higher with the low ripple power with all the safety features.

It is not only the right but the best choice for your future with 92 percent efficiency at 220V AC to 240V AC and at 115V AC the efficiency is 90%.

Features and specifications

The ECO thermal fan system control with 130mm dynamic hydraulic bearing makes an even heat dissipation keeping the Ryzen processor cool. It also ensures that no noise is produced to make your gaming and working experience peaceful. 

The completely modular design manages the cables to let them be tangling free easily and increasing the airflow in the system. It includes the 4-pin and 6-pin connectors making it fully power-packed. It includes cable lengths that are ideal for mid-size towers.

You cannot ask for more than SuperNova 850 G2 which is 92% efficient. The minimal size makes it portable and helps the system to stay compact with the dimensions of 5.91 x 5.91 x 3.35 inches. This smart power supply is only 1 pound light.It is backed by a 10 year-long warranty that commits the supreme high-end quality with functionality by the renown EVGA.

  • 80 plus Gold certification
  • Heavy-duty protection
  • Hydraulic fan
  • 10 years warranty

  • Expensive PSU

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8. Corsair RM 850x

Corsair RMX Series, RM850x, 850 Watt, 80+ Gold Certified, Fully...
  • 80 Plus Gold certified for lower power consumption, less noise and cooler...
  • For maximum cooling surface area and performance
  • Zero RPM fan mode for near silent operation at low to medium loads; Continuous...

The practical and supreme quality RMX series is a tough competitor in the market. It is certified with 80 Plus Gold. It is highly suitable for low power consumption, cool temperature, and minimal noise.

The5.3 inches fan is proved to keep the system cool avoiding it to heat up and damaging the components. The fully modular feature makes the system stay out of the bunches of wires with the option of connecting the ones that you need only.

The compact size makes it a good fit for modern enthusiast PC covers. The feature that sets it apart from other power supply units is are the two CPU connectors that come with it. You can hook up an 8 pin connector to the motherboard and a 4 pin connector to the CPU. For doing a serious overclocking with Ryzen 9 3900x or an i9, this is the perfect PSU for you.

Features and specifications

The Output wattage of Corsair RM is 850 watts that is also recommended power supply for ryzen 7 3800x. The high-quality capacitors of Japanese origin feature unwavering reliability and power supply. The capacitor is made of 100% industrial-grade material.

The fan with a rate of zero RPM when operated on low to average workloads maintains a near-silent operation. The output temperature at a continuous rate with this PSU is measured to be 50°C. It is compatible with the sleep state of Intel C6 C7.

The dimensions of 6.3x 5.91 x 3.39inches make it a nice size for a PSU. It has a weight of 3.66 pounds and comes with a 10 years warranty. Ou can never go wrong with this warranty and 80 Plus Gold rating.

  • Fully modular cables
  • 0 RPM fan mode
  • Industry grade capacitors
  • 80 plus gold efficiency

  • Not compatible with modern standby levels

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9. Seasonic Focus GM 850

Seasonic Focus GM-850, 850W 80+ Gold, Semi-Modular, Fits All ATX...
  • COMPACT SIZE: 140 MM deep fits ALL ATX systems.
  • SEMI MODULAR: Provides the most common connections while allowing flexibility on...
  • 80 PLUS GOLD: Less energy gets wasted during power conversion; Cut down your...

This new ultra-model of Seasonic is highly upgraded as compared to its successors from the Focus line. This series is known highly for its reliability, efficiency, and being pocket-friendly at the same time.

Seasonic, with its initiative of ONE concept, not only upgraded the compatibility and performance but also updated the series name and packaging. It is the perfect power supply unit for the components of your PC for various applications and gaming.

The 80 PLUS gold certification can be classified as 90% efficiency at 50% workload, 87% efficiency at20% workload, and for 50% workload, it gives a huge 90% efficiency. It gives a +12V high power output with conductive polymer and aluminum solid electrolyte capacitors that provide active power correction typically up to 99% PF.

Features and specifications

This top-seller power supply unit became an instant hit right after it was released in the market. The amazing size of 140mm makes it a perfect fit in every ATX system. The 80 Plus gold certification cuts down your electricity consumption and less energy is wasted in the process of power conversion.

The 120mm FDB fan is regulated on the inside by smart and silent fan control technology. The speed of the fan is optimized according to system requirements creating a comfortable silent environment for you.

It is semi-modular providing the connections that are common and gives the flexibility to reduce the bunch of wires and supporting a good ventilating system. It features a dual-line with 2-4 pin connectors.

The commitment to superior quality is depicted in the 7 Year full guarantee. With the fine dimensions of 10.6 x 7.09 x 4.53 inches, it gets a good position size-wise. It weighs 6.14 pounds that is nice for a PSU with this many specifications.

  • 140mm compact size
  • Silent and smart fan
  • 80 plus Gold certified
  • 7-year warranty

  • Semi-modular

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10: EVGA 500 W1

EVGA 500 W1, 80+ WHITE 500W Power Supply( 100-W1-0500-KR)
  • EVGA 500 Watt; Unbeatable value
  • 80 plus white certified, with 80 percentage efficiency or higher under typical...
  • Heavy duty protections, including OVP (Over voltage protection); UVP (Under...

Well, usually I don’t recommend this less amount to spend on a power supply unit. But if you are low on budget and can’t spend much on any other PSU for ryzen 9 3900x in the above collection, then EVGA 500 W1 is a fine choice to consider.

It is a solid unit that is 80 PLUS certified and works quite decently under a typical load with 80% efficiency or above. It comes in a solid black body. Experts render is suitable enough for gaming purposes.

While assembling a PC, a power source is a vital ingredient. If EVGA W1 500 goes in synchronization with the components that you are installing, then it’s a hit shot.

Features and specifications

This unit of EVGA supplies 500 W of power supply only. It is quite on the edge for your Ryzen but still falls in the safe line. It is certified 80 + white value by Amazon. It features a 24-pin ATX of power. The connector is separated into two modules. One is 4-pin and one is 2 pin.

It is safe to use as it gives protection for heavy-duty loads including over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, short circuit, and overpower protection. That marks it good enough to go along with Ryzen 9 3900x.being not fully modular is also a low-key feature but the cooling fan system works ardently producing very low sound on heavy loads too.

500 W1 is available in dimensions of 14x15x8.5 cm. it has an average weight of 1.81 Kilograms. It comes with a 3-year warranty that might seem less but actually, it is pretty nice at this price.

  • 500Watts
  • 2 4 pin ATX powered
  • 80 PLUS white certification
  • Budget-friendly

  • Cables are not properly sleeved
  • Not suitable for extra heavy loads

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What power supply do I need for Ryzen 9 3900X?

The Ryzen 9 3900x requires around 500 watts of power to support the pairing of NVidia Rtx 2070, 1TB SSD, 32 GB RAM on an ATX motherboard.

How much power does Ryzen 9 3900X use?

Ryzen 9 3900x uses a power of 216 watts that is amazing for a processor of this core and 24 threads.

Is 750w PSU enough for 5700XT?

A 750 watts PSU can handle the RX 5700XT with high efficiency.

What power supply do I need for 5700XT?

A minimum of 600 watts PSU is needed for 5700XT. However, the recommended power supply for 5700XT with up to6 pin+ 8 pin auxiliary connectors is 700 watts. This recommendation is valid for the RX series with one Radeon installed in a system. 8 to 16GB system memory will require a power supply unit with better capabilities.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right power supply unit for your Ryzen is as important as the food is for us. Now you have all the information regarding the best power supply. The Ryzen processor is a tough guy so you need to choose a similar tough PSU to run it wisely. 

We would suggest you that never go for a too low price or an unreliable PSU for your PC. As the power supply unit stabilizes the power to your pc. So you can’t take a risk of failing your PSU. It might also take along some components of your PC with it, touch wood to say your beloved Ryzen 9 3900x.

We have taken you through the extravagant options to the economical ones too. Now it depends on your workload need and expertise level, that which product you choose.

If asking for my choice, although it is difficult to choose, I would go for EVGA SuperNova 850 G2.  It is an expensive choice but all the other features like fully modular, silent operation, 850 watts of power supply. The ECO thermal fan system makes your PC properly ventilated and keeps your expensive components safe with Ryzen 9 3900x on top of the list.

Your power supply unit is just a click away. If you have any other queries then kindly visit the FAQs section or you can send us a message.