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Best Power Supply for Ryzen 5 3600

I needed a computer for fast processing and ultra defined quality results that will never interrupt my work and gaming progress. To complete my requirement, I was willing to install AMD Ryzen 5 3600 to boost up the pace, but the new story hurdle came in the way in the form of an optimum power supply unit. Along with extensive research and opinions, my hunt for the best power supply for Ryzen 5 3600 began.

Ryzen is a hardcore processor with extensive performance that blew away my mind. For optimum progress, it requires a resourceful power supply that lasts even in over clock.

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When I searched for the best PSU for Ryzen 5 3600, I came across various PSU units suitable for different computing styles. Each of these power supply units has a different set of specifications bit overall, provides the same services to your processor, and has a well upgraded supreme quality graphics card. According to my studies and reviews, these are the ideal power supply for Ryzen 5 3600.

My experience with these power units is unbeatable. An overview that I can give you is to provide the best treatment to your Ryzen processor by giving them the maximum power supply that they require to perform. Moreover, if you have installed the latest GPU, they will support it with extra power. This makes your computer last longer by taking off extra pressure.

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Some of you would be building a perfect PC either for your office work or for gaming. You all are professional enough to know best according to your preference. As a little contribution, I’m sharing my best selects of PSU for Ryzen to help you with your computer building and for easy processing in future.

Best power supply for Ryzen 5 3600 that you can buy:

1. Corsair RMX 850

Corsair RMX Series, RM850x, 850 Watt, 80+ Gold Certified, Fully...
  • 80 Plus Gold certified for lower power consumption, less noise and cooler...
  • For maximum cooling surface area and performance
  • Zero RPM fan mode for near silent operation at low to medium loads; Continuous...

When you are looking for a power supply that is efficient enough to support your Ryzen processor and other lighting and graphics card of your computer, Rmx 850 should be your first choice.

This power supply unit is a part of a series launched by Corsair a while ago. It gained a tremendous amount of recognition Among PSU users and suppliers, especially among the Ryzen users. If you are building a top-class monitor with higher-end supplies, don’t get miser for a PSU and choose Corsair RMX 850.

The features that distinguish RMX 850 from other random competitors of Ryzen PSU are mentioned below.


Brand name Corsair 
Power (watts) 850 
Supply type Fully modular
Certification 80+ gold
100% Japanese capacitors Yes
PCLe connectors Yes
Fan type  0 RPM

Fully modular power supply:

There are different types of power supply options, and the most appropriate among them is full modular power supply units. It does not come with pre-connected cables, but instead, all of these connectors are detached and hence, give you the power to control the whole connecting system according to your preference. 

This fully modulated technology gives various types of customized connections that include two EPS connectors requiring an input of 12 volts per port, two PCLe ports for connection, and a single SATA connector for versatile linking with the processor as well as with the computer.

Gold certification:

The most interesting feature that promises its extraordinary performance is its 80+ gold certification. It means that it provides maximum efficiency and energy, saving the whole working under high loads—the efficiency expenditure at fifty per cent of continuous loads more than ninety percent. So even at your maximum pace and labor, your PSU will never fry or damage your computer’s extravagant parts.

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Noiseless productivity:

No one likes constant vibrating sounds on the computer, especially when someone is a full-time computer user. A full sound PSU can spoil all the enjoyable performance of Ryzen. This con is removed with the help of corsair zero RPM fans.

These are smartly designed curved dance that gives minimum noise at maximum load on the processor. These fails remain still under fifteen percent of load and start of work when the work is increased by efficiency and silently cooling off the power supply unit for long-lasting performance.

  • 100% original Japanese capacitors
  • Soundless
  • Complete modulated connection
  • Gold certified
  • Constant production even at 50°c
  • Not such found

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2. Cooler master 750W

Cooler Master MasterWatt 750 Watt Semi-fanless Modular Power Supply,...
  • 750W semi-modular ATX Power supply
  • Semi-fanless up till 15% load
  • 80 plus Bronze certified

Launched in late 2018, the cooler master power supply unit became quite a sensation among gadget lovers. It has vast positive surveys in the tech market and outraged other power supply units in Amazon and other online stores.

Regarding its specifications, its optimum power supply of 750 watts is optimal enough to run a Ryzen 5 3600 hardcore processor. This master can give great execution when one over clock up to five hundred watts. So, a hardcore PC lover with an average budget, get your hands on this epic creation of cooler master.

Mentioned below are some technical aspects that elaborate on the compatibility of this PSU with AMD Ryzen.


Brand name Cooler master
Power (watts) 750
Supply type Fully modular
Certification 80+ bronze
100% Japanese capacitors yes
PCLe connectors yes
Fan type  LDB bearing dustproof.

Semi-fan mode:

Now for the PSU experts, this will be easy to understand. But if you are a newbie, then it is my responsibility to elaborate on it to you. In this power supply unit, the cooling fans have an LBD bearing type when complied with its dust-proof fan feature, giving hurdles- less cooling of the PSU. With its automated sensor technology, the fan does not function at minimal load, i.e. remains working till fifteen percent workload. This increases power efficiency and wastes less energy.

When the pressure increases, the fan begins, it’s countless work and operates its functionality according to the backload. This gives consistent cooling to the computer as well as PSU for long time work. This fan can function for up to 160000 hours without any heating up.


This model is also based on a modular power supply, which means that you can handle your connections per your preferences. Cooler Master, along with great features, did not give versatile connections, which includes three peripheral type connectors and four PCLe connections that you can handle by yourself.

Good working:

The guarantee of promising performance comes from a ton of features which includes 80+ bronze certification. This may not be a gold type, but it gives maximum efficiency (about eighty per cent) even under continual use. This feature is complemented by its DC-DC power supply, which stabilizes the voltage labeled as output.

This efficiency is made long-lasting with its modulated technology and cooling fans performance, thus, supplying 750 watts of energy without hurdles.

  • Quiet fan
  • Modulated system
  • LDB technology
  • Bronze certified
  • Versatile connections
  • Not gold certified

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3. Corsair RM 650

Corsair RM650, RM Series, 80 Plus Gold Certified, 650 W Fully Modular...
  • 80 PLUS Gold Certified: High efficiency operation for lower power consumption,...
  • Tuned for Low Noise Operation: A 135 mm rifle bearing fan with a specially...
  • 105 degree Celsius-Rated Capacitors: Industrial-grade capacitors deliver solid...

If you are a computer enthusiast, then you know about the fame of corsair products. If you don’t want to buy x 850, the new corsair RM 650 can also be your option:

When you want more facilities with accessible rates, there are certain changes that your product may not be equal to other top-notch, expensive ones. The same example comes to corsair. If you think that RMX 850 is giving far more features than you require or you have a tight pocket, you can count on corsair RM 650 with an almost similar feature but with less pricing.

Let’s see how its specifications can support Ryzen5 3600 with limited features.


Brand name Corsair
Power (watts) 650
Supply type Fully modular
Certification 80+ gold
100% Japanese capacitors Yes
PCLe connectors Yes
Fan type  0 RPM

Power supply:

The RM 650 provides phenomenal, long-lasting 650 watts power to the processor, which maintains its processing without any faulting. Even with cheap rates, it gives a fully modular power supply that is power efficient. 

All of these features enable minimum energy consumption. This helps you to save not only your electricity but also prevents excessive heating of your PC.

Heat protection:

This power supply unit will not disappoint you even if you are a continual user of heavy games or graphics on your computer. This is because it gives its premium performance until your devise temperature rises from 50°c. That much increase in temperature can be a threat to frying up your computer. This warning is also prevented by extensive protection facilities that include over-temperature protection and OCP feature.

Cooling fan:

The most annoying trait of a PCU can be its fan noise. But this is eliminated by corsair by designing a sleek, noiseless fan for power supply cooling having a compact size of 140mm. It is upgraded with zero types of RPM fan mode that gives full composure to the PSU. 

This cooling technology is complemented with 105° c Japanese capacitors that increase your PC’s overall performance without excessive testing, just like its fellow corsair power supply units.

  • 80+gold certified
  • Lightweight
  • Low noise cooling fan
  • Japanese capacitors
  • Nil RPM fan mode
  • Extremely affordable
  • Low connectivity options

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4. Asus ROG Thor

ASUS ROG Thor 850 Certified 850W Fully-Modular RGB Power Supply with...
  • 80+ Platinum certification for energy efficiency, built with 100% Japanese...
  • 0dB cooling with dustproof IP5X wing-blade fans and integrated ROG heatsinks for...
  • OLED Power Display: Real-time power draw monitoring with OLED Power Display

We all know Asus for its terrific monitors and graphics card units. In almost every review or ranking tech site, at least one product of Asus out beats all. And today, it’s their power supply unit.

Asus ROG series is the jack of all trades. It is an 850-watt power supply unit that will never disappoint you when over clocking. As the latest release, this power supply unit has been digitalized to the extent that you will never get tired of it.

Let’s see some defining specification of another Master gadget of Asus.


Brand name Asus 
Power (watts) 850
Supply type Fully modular
Certification 80+  platinum
100% Japanese capacitors Yes
PCLe connectors Yes
Fan type  Asus wing blade 

Power monitor display:

Is it only me, or you also used to think about calculating the power supply consumption at a certain time? Well, I think the tech Lord Asus has heard us and fulfilled our wish. This power supply unit is installed with a power monitor with an OLED display type. It will tell you the power consumption in its monitor from time to time.

Along with this monitor comes 80+ platinum certification. This increases the PSU’s efficiency from all sides. Power-efficient PSU with monitor display to keep you updated with the power usage sounds like the best deal to me.

Aura sync:

Having a power supply unit was never as fun as it is now with ROG Thor. It is now enabled with aura sync technology. It will radiate different aura colors that will enhance your mood as well as the surrounding. It is a new addition to power supply components that Asus has introduced in recent years.

ROG cooling system:

Asus specially design ROG cool, helps to control the temperature of better performance of Asus ROG Thor. This is completed with two parts, a cooling fan and a heat sink. Cooling fans are dustproof winged fans of 135mm. It gives 0dB noise which means it is soundproof even at maximum load.

The other component is ROG heat sink is specially designed heat removers that have two times more volume than a regular heat sink. This clears up to twenty percent more heat coming to the unit. Hence when both components are completed, it gives a perfect ROG cooling system.

  • Aura sync
  • Effective ROG cooling system
  • Versatile connectivity
  • 80+ platinum certification
  • Soundless fan
  • Fully modular power supply
  • Fan sensors
  • 100% Japanese capacitors
  • Not such found

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5. Seasonic 750 ti prime

Seasonic PRIME 750 Titanium SSR-750TR 750W 80+ Titanium ATX12V &...
  • MICRO TOLERANCE LOAD REGULATION (0.5 %); Seasonic's latest design keeps the...
  • FULL MODULAR - use only the cables you need to reduce clutter and improve...
  • 80 PLUS TITANIUM - 92% efficient at 20% load, 94% efficient at 50% load, 90%...

Seasonic is one of the oldest and best manufacturers of power supply units. If you don’t know, let me bring this information to you that is is the foremost supplier of equipment and faded that builds a whole power supply units.

A while ago, they came with their power supply units that are no less than other company’s products. Seasonic was one of the first companies that provided computers with power supply units, and they still work in these niches these days. That is the reason they are extremely famous for their premium quality power supply units to date.

Let’s dig into the highly-rated product of Seasonic that is 750 titanium prime.


Brand name Seasonic 
Power (watts) 750
Supply type Fully modular
Certification 80+ titanium
100% Japanese capacitors Yes
PCLe connectors Yes
Fan type  FDB 

Titanium power supply:

As Seasonic prime is the master of the PSUs, it made sure to develop the best power supply, which does not affect your daily tasks and requirements. It has an inbuilt 80+ titanium power supply which is a standard supply to a processor like Ryzen. It gives a twelve volts energy line which is stabilized by its inbuilt DC-DC circuits. This prevents and wastage of power in the form of heat energy.

Let’s describe a little bit of titanium certification. Being titanium certified PSU means that it will give an exceptional efficiency of no less than 90%, even at a hundred percent increase in work, which means that you will get every ounce of performance from this sublime power unit.

Hybrid cooling fans:

All of this series’ products are installed with a 135mm fan upgraded with dynamic fluid technology. The hybrid fan control gives soundproof programming along with long-lasting rotational stepped of almost eighteen hundred rotations per minute. That’s quite a lot, especially asking about a power supply unit.

Full modular connections:

The Seasonic prime 750 ti is, like other advanced PSUs, is a full modular-based unit as we have now learned the advantages of these types of power supplies in tea of saving electricity. All of their cables are separate and can be connected or disconnected per user choice.  

All of these collectors are black, flat wired. These include four PCLe pins, two 4+4 EPS pins and ten SATA collectors. This proves that this PSU comes with various connective options, which, due to a fully modular system, saves energy and looks clean and manageable.

  • Vast connectivity
  • FDB fan
  • Inexpensive
  • 80+ titanium certified
  • 750 watts power supply
  • Supports latest graphics cards
  • Not such found

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6. Corsair SF600

Corsair SF Series, SF600, 600 Watt, Fully Modular Power Supply, 80+...
  • SFX Form Factor: High end performance in a small form factor. ATX12V Vversion:...
  • 80 PLUS Gold certified: High efficiency operation for less excess heat and lower...
  • Fully Modular: Make your builds and upgrades easy, with clean, great-looking...

Not all of us have plus-sized computers. Some of us enjoy compact PCs that are no less than others in the market. There could be a ton of reasons, including room spaces, preferences and much more.

Corsair SF600 is the best choice for small built computers that are equipped with Ryzen 5 3600. Their power supply is sufficient enough to support not only AMD Ryzen but a bit also other additional ornaments in your PCU (like graphics card and lighting). It is an extremely lightweight power supply unit, approximately 1lb, nearly equal to nothing.

Following are the specifications of this miniature PSU that ranks it in top suitors for Ryzen.


Brand name Corsair 
Power (watts) 600
Supply type Fully modular
Certification 80+ gold
100% Japanese capacitors Yes
PCLe connectors Yes
Fan type  0 RPM

Compact size and supply:

It is a lightweight, almost miniature power supply unit. Even in a small size, it offers a fully modular power supply.

It offers all of the connectivity options, including PCLe, SATA and EPS connections through their cables. Their connectors help to preserve energy and, through their DC operations, make the power more under control.


It has built-in a hundred per cent Japanese capacitors that give good durability of all internal composes present in the power supply unit. Moreover, the eighty-plus gold certification ensures an ideal performance without frying up your whole computer when complemented with Ryzen. Their efficiency is high enough to provide more than ninety percent performance at twice load.

Zero fan modes:

It is necessary to consider fan noise while building a small PC. This power supply unit is preferably made for compact computers. They made sure to induce a zero RPM fan system.

They do not operate under minimum load with efficient seeing technology, which saves a ton of energy. And their rotations increase with a high workload to cool down the supply unit to the maximum. In this way, you get admirable longevity.

  • Gold certified
  • Compact design
  • PCL supportive
  • Zero RPM fan
  • Lightweight
  • Work well under 50°c
  • Ideal for small PCs
  • Little heat up

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7. Silver stone SX700

SilverStone Technology Silverstone SX700-PT SFX 700W, High Efficiency...
  • Support Standard SFX form factor
  • Silent running 92mm FDB fan with 18 dBA minimum
  • All Japanese Capacitors

Silver stone company is known for its professional gadget cases with cooling systems. But it did not take a long time to make their power supply unit that can complement hardcore processors like AMD Ryzen.

They released their most famous power supply unit suitable for Ryzen and latest graphics cards, all at the same time. Because of their high power supply of 700 watts, it is more than enough for a processor, even in maximum over clocking. So if you are a busy gamer or a content creator whose work revolve around the computer 24/7, Silver stone SX700 might be one of your few options.

Now is the time to spotlight the distinguishing features of the silver stone power supply unit.


Brand name Silver stone
Power (watts) 700
Supply type Fully modular
Certification 80+ platinum
100% Japanese capacitors Yes
PCLe connectors Yes
Fan type  FDB

Power supply:

The premium power supply unit of silver stone comes with a twelve-volt power supply connector that gives maximum power of 700 watts, which is optimum for processor and even other high-end graphics cards supporting high-quality display.

It means that even if you over clock or work on heavy-duty graphics, threats of damaged processors are zero due to the provision of continual energy from PSU for a long time.

Cooling system:

It is vital to have a proper heat lowering system while having a hardcore power provision capacity. Silverstone fulfils this necessity by installing a globe type FDB fan. It is a 92mm sized fan that may have some vibratory noises. Other than that, this cooler is connected to one major and two minor heat sinks that increase the effectiveness of heat lowering.

Platinum certification:

Certification is a kind of report sheet that includes the power supply unit’s performance under different intensities of load. This clarifies that whether your PSU is ideal for your usage or not. Although Ryzen is not a power-hungry processor, it is good to give extra power to hand with the processor-related component.

While keeping that in mind, silver stone has developed a fully modular power supply processor that is 80+ platinum-certified, it elaborates that it gives more than ninety percent efficient power supply at double load.

  • Platinum-certified
  • Good power supply
  • Vast connectivity
  • Compact
  • Easy to connect
  • Little noisy

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Super Flower Leadex III Gold 850W 80+ Gold, ECO Fanless & Silent Mode,...
  • LEADEX III series PSU are 80PLUS Gold certified with 100% fully modular cable...
  • LEADEX III series PSU provides high efficiency & stable power output and come...
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed- We provide a ten-year warranty that covers any...

You might be thinking that this power supply unit came out of nowhere. A bit in general, it is one of Amazon’s best PSU for Ryzen 5 3600x.

It has more than average reviews and a total of 4.7 stars out of five. This was enough to prove its compatibility with the processor. But for your ease, we have broken down its characteristics so that you can know this product better.

These are the features that make super slower leader 3 exceptional and one of the top suitors for Ryzen 5 3600


Brand name Super flower
Power (watts) 850
Supply type Fully modular
Certification 80+gold
100% Japanese capacitors Yes
PCLe connectors Yes
Fan type  FDB

Power supply:

The most important thing to look for in a power supply units is its total watts that it will provide to the CPU because it helps select the optimum PSU. Ryzen needs not more than three hundred watts. Super flower gives a total supply of 850 watts, which will support the processor and the other vital CPU units.

Being 90+ gold certified eases our problem by clarifying that it will give maximum result under different load percentages.

Heat protection:

Super flower leader three is made up of 100% fully Japanese capacitors, which prevents excessive heating of the body. It is still enabled with different protection systems, including SCP, OVS, OTP, OPP, OVP OCP and OTP. These protecting systems shut down the PSU immediately when there are certain fluctuations in voltage, current or power supply.

Super flower eco mode:

It is a cooling technology with different modes; there are enabled under different temperatures. This ECO mode helps to cool down the temperature and increases the efficiency of the power supply unit. In the first ECO “0” mode, the FDB cooling fan starts to function when the temperature is above 60°c. It then slowly and then fully stops when the temperature gets 47°c or lower.

In the second ECO “I” mode, it is a limit that starts the fan when exceeded. It ranges from 40°c -48°c that jump-starts the fan and stops suddenly when the lower conditions are reached.

  • Eco modes
  • Fully modular
  • 80+gold
  • Protection systems
  • Japanese capacitors
  • Several connecting options
  • Silent fan
  • Not such found

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9. EVGA supernova 650

EVGA Supernova 650 GS, 80+ Gold 650W, Fully Modular, EVGA ECO Mode, 5...
  • EVGA 650 GS - "Silence is Golden"
  • 80 PLUS Gold certified, with 90% (115VAC) / 92% (220VAC~240VAC) efficiency or...
  • Fan Size / Bearing: 120mm Teflon Nano-Steal Bearing

Silverstone and EVGA are the two big competitors for the best power supply unit manufacturers. During this competition, Africa released a supernova 650, which is a tough one to beat.

It is a 650 watts power supply unit which works best even when attached to Ryzen 5 3600. It does not show any fried up panels when attached to its processor due to a noiseless cooling fan. Under option budget, it is an overall, t a good PSU for AMD Ryzen.

Let’s go through it’s specifications that suit this processor:


Brand name EWGA
Power (watts) 650
Supply type Fully modular
Certification 80+ platinum
100% Japanese capacitors Yes
PCLe connectors Yes
Fan type  Nano steel bearing fan

Semi-passive system:

It is an inbuilt technology by EVGA that helps to increase work efficiency. This helps the user to enjoy his work while having little background noises. It helps to save wattage energy conversion into heat energy nearby, retaining the PSU body’s coolness.

In this system the heat, sinks trap energy gives optimum performance when the load is increasingly making the noise is almost audible in the presence of a Teflon nano steel fan which can be heard in quiet. This can be a downside because it can annoy some users.

Eco mode by EVGA:

This is another inbuilt feature of EVGA, which controls excessive heating without wasting power. There is an eco switch present at the end of the PSU. When the switch is turned on, the eco modes get enabled. In this mode, the cooling fan will not start its operation until an increase of temperature is up to 56°c or above.

Power supply:

EVGA supernova is a fully modular power supply unit that is 80+ platinum-certified. This means that it will provide an excellent efficiency that is no less than 90% at maxim load.

 100% premium Japanese capacitors will decrease the fear of melting or components frying in a power supply unit. When supported by eco mode, all of this gives a smooth running of power through the unit.

  • Eco-mode
  • Japanese capacitors
  • Full modulated
  • Variety of connectivity options
  • 80+ platinum-certified
  • The noisy fan under heavy load

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Buying guide for PSU for Ryzen 5 3600

It is vital to have knowledge about the essential features that are necessary to run a processor. There are different needs for every computer and Ryzen, consider the following things before buying a power supply unit for PC. 

Power output: 

It is the maximum watts that a PSU can give to a computer. Processors are variable and have different power supplies. For Ryzen, I would recommend you to go for a power supply unit with a power of at least 500 watts. If you are an over clock worker or have upgraded graphics cards installed, I will guide you to go for a minimum 650 Watts power supply. 

Extra power space: 

Suppose you have bought 450 watts PSU which will give exact power to Ryzen. In coming years, when you will be upgrading your computer, there will be a need for a new PSU because of the former one’s deficient supply. To prevent clash in the future, buy a PSU with the extra power to supply your updated components. This will avoid excess wastage of money as well time.

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80+ certificate efficiency: 

The essential functions of efficiency in a PSU are the high-efficiency power supply unit prevents the conversion of electricity into heat. This saves a ton of power and as well as prevents overheating of the unit. So go for maximum efficiency that comes in the form of 80+ certification. Go no less than 80+ or your computer will get into trouble in future. 


There are sometimes extra current or voltage in PCU that can result in internal damage. To resist this, get your hands on the power supply units that offer protection technology of different kinds. Like in OCP (over current protection), the PSU shuts down when it cannot tolerate the exceeding current. 

There are a ton of different protections like these that include voltage, current, power and much more—the more protection, the better the longevity. 

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Cooling system: 

Make sure to check out the cooling system specification before getting your hands on PSU. If you don’t, then be ready to burn out your computer. There are majorly cooling fans and heat sinks for ventilation. For cooling fans, check their sound and efficiency. For heat sinks, see if they retain heat for a long time or not. If they do, there are high risks of increased temperatures. If your PSU has an eco mode, then it’s a cherry on the cake. 

By considering these features, I am sure that you will never have any problem with your power supply unit.

Frequently asked questions:

What power supply do I need for Ryzen 5 3600?

The minimum power supply required is 300 watts. But for the safe side, do not go less than 500 watts.

Is 500w PSU enough for Ryzen 5 3600?

Five hundred watts is a minimum requirement. If you over clock, you will need more watts than that. You can go or 600 watts or above for over clocking.

Is 500W enough for GTX 1660 super and Ryzen 5 3600?

Yes, it is enough for both combined. But I would prefer a bit more watts for a safe side upgrade.

Which GPU is best for AMD Ryzen 5 3600?

For Ryzen 5 3600, my favorite GPU is anyone from the AMD Radeon series, especially RX 5700. For NVIDIA, my recommendation would be GTX 2080 super.

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All of these products are recommended and reviewed by the best computer gurus that you will ever find. These PSUs are the best-rated units in the computer markets and have gained immense popularity in the online market such as Amazon. If you ask me about my honest opinion, I will surely recommend you to get your hands on one of these products.

If I give you a filter less review, I will tell you that these products have changed my computer life. The addition of these power supply units in my already completed computer has increased the speed of my computer and enhanced that response and quality of it. It has given me the experience that I would have never gotten without them, even with an installed Ryzen.

My top three best power supply for Ryzen 5 3600 are as follows.

  1. Corsair RMX 850
  2. Asus ROG Thor
  3. Cooler master 750

These power-saving units will work on every type of computer installed with either latest or little old graphics card without causing any problem. So you can enjoy your premium quality Ryzen processor reaches Supreme memory frequency and speed that is no ordinary at any level.

If you’re smarter than me, then I’m sure that you will probably get your hands on the best PSU till the end of this article ’cause you don’t want to waste time when you are getting quality. These power supply units are among the best contenders in this BSU world that you will never regret using.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article and have extracted the maximum information as much as you can. We are delighted to be your preference and except to see you soon with your perfect computer. Till then, Adios!

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