10 Best Monitor for Reading Documents [Latest 2023 Models]

Best Monitor for Reading Documents

As a writer, our work is mainly based on reading, researching and composing. It is a tough job within itself, but the main problem that disturbed my reading and writing skills was a poor monitor that caused eye soreness and decreased concentration. It was the day when I started hunting the best monitor for reading documents in the market.

As far I came in my research, reading monitors are surprisingly different from our stereotypical monitors. Reasons that cause differentiation are their prevention of harmful rays’ emission that causes eye fatigue and drowsiness. To my surprise, this prevention does not form just software, but many monitors are designed to be built especially for readers.

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Either you are a professional writer and reader like me, or you are a bookworm who loves to read online books because they are accessible. You need to enjoy your passion while taking good care of your health, especially in the eyes. Because eyes are a significant bridge in communication with the world and you are lucky enough to be blessed with these.

After searching for a long time, I finally found some amazing monitors for document reading that will enhance your performing abilities while protecting your visuals from radical damage.

We know that every reader will be browsing this article, so we have mentioned the top 8 best types of monitor for reading text with every price range. In this way, everyone can afford the best quality monitor without cutting their pockets.

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Top 10 best monitor for reading documents to get your hands on:

1. Asus MX38vc designo curve

ASUS Designo Curve MX38VC 37.5" Monitor Uwqhd IPS Eye Care with Qi...
  • 37.5” 21: 9 ultra-wide Quad HD (3840 x 1600) Curved monitor with a wide 178°...
  • Award-winning frameless design and transparent sundial base Pair with hidden,...
  • Stereo 10W Harman Kardon speakers and ASUS SonicMaster technology provide rich,...

This monitor is, hands down, one of the best-rated Amazon monitors for reading documents. It is specifically designed in structure as well as in functions to help out and give maximum comfort to their user.

As we all know that Asus Company is known for its best tech gadgets and technology that fits every consumer, this monitor is one of their genius inventions. Giving the best results and productivity with accessible rates gives everyone an option to buy it.

Following are some fantastic features of this Design curve that makes it one of the best monitor for reading texts.


Brand name Asus 
Resolution  1080p
Contrast ratio 3000:1
Screen size 37.5”
Body type frameless
Display type IPS
Blue light filter Yes
Flicker free screen Yes

Asus display:

As retaining their brand’s reputation as always, Asus Designo curve comes with a whopping 37.5″ display with ultra HD resolution of QWHD 1080 type giving a visible and clear display without any blurs. It comes in both LCD and LED display with an optimum contrast ratio that sharpens the presentation.

Asus latest eye care technology:

Asus has developed the latest eye care tech inbuilt software which adjusts the brightness and color palettes according to your background lighting.

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Moreover, it contains an advanced blue light filter that filters out the blue quickly as much as possible, preventing all the eye suffering and increasing the concentration up to a maximum level.

Monitor design:

It has the most appreciated frameless monitor structure with a screen curve of about 178°, making the readability and documenting easy and stress-free on the brain. It fantastic part is that it has a flexible, adjustable monitor stand, which you can adjust according to your height and angle.

On its face, it contains a charging pad of Qi technology, so you can enjoy your reading while charging your phone simultaneously.

  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Eye care technology
  • Blue light filter
  • Built-in blue tooth
  • Customized stand
  • Built-in charging pad
  • Frameless body
  • Average resolution

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Buyer review

I can see everything I need to see on one screen! Finally!!! (My boyfriend may be a bit jealous of my love for this monitor.)

2. Acer KB272 HL

Acer KB272HL bix 27" Full HD (1920 x 1080) Acer Vision Care VA Monitor...
  • 27 Full HD (1920 x 1080) Widescreen VA Display with AMD Radeon FreeSync...
  • 75Hertz Refresh Rate Using HDMI Port
  • Response Time: 4 millisecond (G to G). Stand - Tilt (-5°~25°)

Suppose you are a middle-aged person with blurred vision and cannot focus on reading documents. Or you belong in educational institutions where data entry and documents clearance is a daily thing. And you are looking for a monitor that gives maximum output at excellent prices. The Acer is here to serve your wishes.

Acer has combined its ultra-sleek design with all the optimum technologies, making it the best monitor for documents. It is pre-installed with a wide selection of health care measures that keep you away from illnesses.

These are the essential features of this monitor below that enlist it in the top ten monitors.


Brand name Acer 
Resolution  1080 HD
Contrast ratio 3000:1
Screen size 27”
Body type Frameless 
Display type VA
Blue light filter Yes
Flicker free screen Yes

1980p Full HD display:

When this HD display is added with a high contrast ratio of 3000:1 in a still state (more in dynamic) gives every letter a strong, defined presence that emphasizes easy reading and understanding of the document. It is curved with a view angle of 178° with a flicker-free screen display that does not exert extra pressure on the eyes while focusing by distributing the light equally.

E- Color technology:

It is an advanced technology developed by Acer in which you are provided with a ton of display adjusting options. You can optimize your screen’s brightness, contrasts, colors, and hues according to your preferences.

 This helps you to enjoy your reasons at your desired display without any flickers.

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Low dimming and comfy view:

The screens automatically sense the background lighting and adjust its display’s brightness according to it on low dimming technology. So if you are in the darkroom, your screen will lower its brightness, increase focus, and vice versa.

In comfy view software, it reduces light reflection, thereby preventing flashes. Both of these technologies help to limit the pressure exerted on the eyes by the screen, retaining your healthy eyes for a long time.

  • Blue light filter
  • E-color technology
  • A refresh rate of 75 Hz
  • Sync technology of AMD Radeon
  • VA display
  • Vision care technology
  • Adjustable screen
  • Not found

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3. BenQ IPS monitor

BenQ GW2480 24 Inch IPS 1080P FHD Computer Monitor with Built In...
  • Work Productively and Comfortably: 24 Inch IPS 1080P FHD Computer Monitor...
  • Proprietary Eye-Care Tech: Our exclusive Eye-Care technology reduces eye fatigue...
  • Adaptive Brightness for Image Quality: Our Brightness Intelligence (B.I.)...

Modernity added with facilities, BenQ is the ultimate stop solution for all the readers and writers as its IPS GW2480 monitor has become the jack of all trades.

It is embedded with further updates regarding eye care, and its design and curves make the best effort to protect the visuals. Its structure consists of slime and a beautiful bezel design ideal for the monitors containing LCD—making of look neat and seamless while also holding built-in gadgets that we will discuss in specifications later.

It is one of Amazon’s top-rated monitors for reading and writing purposes and has received thousands of reviews. Here are the following features that make this monitor top-rated among its users.


Brand name BenQ
Resolution  1080p
Contrast ratio 1000:1 (still)
Screen size 24”
Body type Ultra slim bezel
Display type IPS
Blue light filter Yes
Flicker free screen Yes

Automatic brightness adjustment:

With its 24″ screen, the BenQ monitor comes with a brightness intelligence technology that serves as an auto-adjust for your monitor. It will regulate your screen’s light according to your monitor background with the help of its senses. This prevents extra light damage that can result in teary eyes and helps you to focus better.

No flicker and blue light filter:

It is a no-flicker monitor, which means that it lessens up eye strains and helps you focus better for a long time, ultimately increasing your work output.

Blue light and depresses disturb your sleeping routine as it imbalances some chemicals and hormones in your brain. With the aid of a blue light filter, you can work for a long while, getting prospers nighttime periods of sleep.

Advanced eye care technology and stunning speakers:

With the visual upgrade, all the images are upgraded and rebooted to give out full colors with minor eye disturbances. Alongside this technology come high-quality built-in Acer BenQ speakers. These speakers are of extraordinary quality, rarely seen in any monitor with so affordable prices.

  • Built-in speakers
  • 178° view angle
  • Appreciable size
  • Good display
  • Visual care technology
  • Affordable
  • Brightness intelligence
  • Not such found

Buyer review

I like it. It was impossible to find a monitor with DP Display Port for under $250. This is really nice. It accept 3 types: HDMI, DP Display Port, VGA. If you need a 1080p monitor for a very old PC, look no further.

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4. Asus pro art display monitor

ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV 27” WQHD (2560 x 1440) Monitor, 100%...
  • 27-inch WQHD (2560 x 1440) IPS monitor with frameless design
  • International color standard 100% sRGB and 100% Rec. 709 wide color gamut
  • Calman Verified with factory calibration for excellent Delta E less than 2 color...

A single word can define this monitor produced by Asus and that is: a color bomb. It is made specifically for photographers and videographers to edit their content, but later it gained popularity among other users.

It is very beneficial for the readers and writers who elaborate and examine the rest in different graphics and colors. This monitor will give you optimal visuals while protecting your eyes all at the same time.

Following are the impressive specifications of the Asus pro art display the make it different from any other display monitor.


Brand name Asus 
Resolution  4k
Contrast ratio 3000:1
Screen size 27”
Body type frameless
Display type IPS
Blue light filter Yes
Flicker free screen Yes

Exceptional screen and resolution:

With a 27″ IPS display, this monitor comes with a whopping resolution of 1440×2560 p. It comes in a frameless body with a contrast ratio of 3000:1, making every small image on the monitor fine and detailed. It also contains flicker-free technology work, an adjustable stand of having 178° view angle, taking pictures and documents easy to observe.

Accurate image production:

All of the said monitors, especially those with the pro art series, have optimal color technology, which is calibrated on an industrial scale. Contains a 100% RGB pictorial wheel and advanced grayscale technology. 

When these upgrades are combined, it produces a lot like an image with accurate colors and definition—making it an ideal monitor for content creators.

Split-screen with variable connectivity:

This monitor comes with various connectivity options that included VGA, HDMI, USB, and display port, along with earphone and audio jacks—giving you a ton of choice to connect your monitor with different devices. 

It also contains a split-screen mode in which you can perform various tasks while working on the same screen. When these two features are added together, it results in a highly efficient performance within less time.

  • Flicker-free technology
  • No glare monitor
  • Calman verified resolution
  • Highly affordable
  • Adjustable stand
  • Frameless body
  • Vast connectivity alternatives
  • Consistent color display
  • Not such found

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5. LG ultra wide monitor:

LG 29WN600-W 29-Inch Class UltraWide Computer Monitor, WFHD IPS...
  • At 29 inches and 21:9 screen ratio (2560x1080), this Wide Full HD IPS Display...
  • With HDR10 support and color performance with 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum,...
  • 33% more screen space compared to Full HD resolution display allows you to view...

LG has been in the field of television production for ages. With advancing time, LG can develop intelligent LCDs and LEDs with optimum features that differentiate them from other televisions.

Screens and monitors have always been their specialty, and they have proved this statement by introducing the monitors that are per cent for readers and writers. 

Following are the primary specifications that are stating that life’s good with LG.


Brand name LG 
Resolution  1080p
Contrast ratio 1000:1
Screen size 29”
Body type Three sided borderless
Display type IPS
Blue light filter Yes
Flicker free screen Yes

Slim design:

It consists of a twenty-nine-inch display with a 178° screen angle, making it more straightforward for you to see without any strains. It contains a three-sided, visibly frameless design, giving an ultra-wide, full display to the screen observer. It is built on an adjustable stand that can vary according to your view, and if you don’t have space to put on a desk; you can also wall-mount it.  

Colors and display:

Its screen resolution consists of 1080p of IPS quality presentation. When combined with high contrast ratio and excellent screen size, it gives a perfect view.

A 99% color wheel of sRGB type provides full color within an affordable range. It also contains a blue light filter system to prevent eye damage.

Brightness and flicker:

It is an HDR supporter with dim flicker technology that helps you to focus more without fatigue. Moreover, it has perfect color schemes and brightness levels that make it ideal for working in the dark without causing eye strains. So if you are a freelance writer or love to read at night, this is hands down the best monitor for writing and reading.

  • Slim design
  • Good color saturation
  • Perfect for home-based working
  • Split screen
  • Variety of connectivity
  • Audio is not good

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Buyer review

Bought this for work and so far looks good the quality is good the only thing I don’t like is the buttons are underneath the monitor but so far so good just wish I knew how it works to have a few tabs open on the screen as they put in the description itself.

6. Samsung business S33R50

Samsung Business SR35 Series 22-Inch FHD 1080p Computer Monitor, 75Hz,...
  • 21.8" 1920X1080 Ips Panel With 75Hz Refresh Rate Delivers Crisp, Stunning Images...
  • A Sleek Ultra-Slim Bezel Design Stands Out On Any Desk. Monitor Includes A...
  • Flexible Connectivity Options Including Hdmi, And Legacy Vga

Within the last decade, Samsung has upgraded its technology and became the top company in mobiles; TV’s and even it did not remain back in making monitors.

Its ultra-thin bezel-less (three-sided) gives it a beautiful finish while providing the user’s full view.

Following are some eye-catching features of the Samsung s22r350 monitor that place it in our top ten monitors.


Brand name Samsung 
Resolution  1080p
Contrast ratio 1000:1 (still)
Screen size 21”
Body type Ultra slim bezel
Display type IPS
Blue light filter Yes
Flicker free screen Yes

Latest eye protecting technology:

This monitor is upgraded with the latest automation names as eye comfort technology. When this mode is on, the monitor removes all the kinds of rays that produced eye strains, and in this way, you are able to work for long without any discomfort.

HD quality display:

It is a 22″ monitor with a resolution of 1080p with a contrast ratio of 1000:1 makes this flat screen eligible to provide FHD view with sharp and burr-free texts. It has a tilt able and manually adjusting stand in which you can adapt it according to your view.


It is aided with HDMI and sub ports, making its connectivity ingenious as a monitor. Through it, you can connect to different devices, called multitasking. It is doing your work and distributive as more manageable than I’m the regular monitors.

  • Good refresh rate
  • Ultra-thin and stylish design
  • Blue light filter
  • Flicker-free
  • Prevents eyestrains
  • Adjustable stand
  • Free sync of AMDradeon
  • No built-in speakers

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7. Phillips 276E8VJSB

Philips 276E8VJSB 27" Monitor, 4K UHD IPS, 1 Billion+ Colors,...
  • Philips e-line 27" Led monitor with ultra clear 4K UHD (3840x2160) resolution...
  • Elegant, slim design with narrow Border Display for a seamless appearance
  • Multiview enables active Dual connect and view at same time

It is a wide ultra HD monitor launched by Phillips, which gives every font-defined visuals and image a lifelike appearance.

It is rated as the most appropriate monitor for reading blueprints because of its advanced graphics and ultra-fine pixels. It has a classy, slime monitor stricture with a light mate type of screen surface, which gives clearer and blur-free vision than other regular matte types of the screen surface.

Here are the following features that give Phillips monitor a special place in this article


Brand name Phillips 
Resolution  4k UHD
Contrast ratio 20M:1
Screen size 27”
Body type Narrow border frame
Display type IPS
Blue light filter Yes
Flicker free screen Yes

4k display:

Phillips S27E8VJSB has an excellent resolution of 3840×2160, complementing the whopping contrast of 2 million:1 gives the most pleasing image that you can process. It is also the best monitor for video conferencing for the same reason.

Colors and eye protection:

We can guarantee that this monitor gives exact colors, making it virtually come into reality. It is installed with a 10-bit display which gives approximately 1.07 billion different tones of colors.

It is also updated with eye care technology, including flicker-free mode and blue light filter added with eye comfort technology. So enjoy the colorful display without worrying about your eyes.

Multi taking:

Phillips monitor is HDMI supportive with other versatile connectivity options that connect you with a variety of devices without any glitches.

You can split your monitor screen into parts in multi-view mode and work on various tasks by connecting devices to the computer.

  • 4k display
  • Slim structure
  • 10-bit display
  • Less eye fatigue
  • Multi-view technology
  • Tilt able screen
  • HDMI Supportive
  • Exceptional contrast ratio
  • Not such found

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Buyer review

I have had 3 of these for just 2.5 years and already got the horizontal lines across the bottom of the screen. Overall great quality product for the price but I was expecting a little more life out of them.

8. HP led monitor VH 240A

HP VH240a 23.8-Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor with Built-In...
  • This Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished, shows limited or...
  • Response Time — 5ms with overdrive for a smooth picture that looks crisp and...
  • Built-In Speakers — Integrated audio speakers provide great sound for your...

If you are looking for a budget-friendly monitor solely used for documentations, then hp VH240A is the best choice you have.

HP is known for its computers and laptop manufacturing and has served us for decades. There was no doubt that it would’ve made it on the list. It is a smartly designed monitor formed especially for home-based readers and writers.

Following are the specifications and unique features that make this monitor most appropriate for writers.


Brand name HP
Resolution  1080p
Contrast ratio 1000:1 (still)
Screen size 24”
Body type Slim bezel less frame
Display type IPS
Blue light filter Yes
Flicker free screen No 

Appreciable display:

It is a monitor containing 1080p resolution with a reasonable refresh rate of 60 Hz. It has a high contrast ratio and optimum view angle of 178 degrees giving, a perfect picture from any view without any glares. With a good aspect ratio, it contains no glaring matte screen. It has 8-bit color support that can produce up to seventeen million colors. It not highly color supportive, so it works best monitors for reading text.


It has an average speed time and refreshes rate, so we do not promise you the best response as a gamer, but it will run without any hurdles in documentations and reading, etc.

It has an average blue light filter that prevents the emission of blue rate, but it does not support flicker-free mode. It regulates its brightness with pulse width modulation technology, and it is fully automatic.


Hp VH240A monitor gives appreciable quality connectivity. But it does not offer any USB connections, but it is not considered a fault when we see its rates.

It has a thin supportive screen with an adjustable stand that can be altered per your choice. Due to its sleek design and connectivity, it favors multiple screens set up without causing any problems.

  • Affordable
  • Adjustable stand
  • No glare matte screen
  • Blue light filter
  • HD display
  • LED backlights
  • Average response speed
  • Screen flickering

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9. Acer R240 HYBIDX

Acer 23.8” Full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS Zero Frame Home Office Computer...
  • 23.8" Full HD IPS widescreen with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Response time: 4ms, refresh rate: 60 hertz, pixel pitch: 0.2745 millimeter. 178...
  • The zero frame design provides maximum visibility of the screen from edge to...

Acer is a Taiwan-based company that deals with electronic gadgets. Monitors are one of their manufacturing products.

Acer R240 is one of their top monitors present in the market With innovative structure, it hives highly digitalized results that give every font a unique definition.

The following are the features that make this monitor suitable for reading purposes, along with the sleek design.


Brand name Acer 
Resolution  1080p
Contrast ratio 1M:1 (dynamic) 
Screen size 24”
Body type Ultra thin bezels
Display type IPS
Blue light filter Yes
Flicker free screen Yes

Colorful display:

Along with its 1080p HD resolution, this IPS type of monitor is introduced with optimum quality factory color calibrations. This feature makes the monitor support more than sixteen million colors without any glitches. It has a high contrast ratio with perfect control of brightness, making every image blurr-free.

Smart stricture:

It is a slim, less than an inch thin, and bezel-free frameless monitor that gives a view angle of 178°in this angle and frame, you can enjoy the full display without any thick frames around. 

You can also share two kinds of monitors to enhance your work and work on a large scale. It has a tilt able screen that you can adjust according to your preference.

Eco-friendly and flicker-free:

It is a zero-flicker monitor with backlight control technology and a blue light filter that gives you maximum working hours without tearing your eyes.

Alongside these characteristics come its eco-friendly designs and displays that reflect the concept of recycling for a better environment.

  • Backlights control
  • Thin bezels give more view
  • Flicker-free technology
  • Blue light filter
  • Clear screen
  • Color calibration
  • Restrained adjustment of stands

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Buyer review

Excellent monitor for any situation, I’ve purchased many of these and they look good and work well. My “go-to” monitor when I need more.

10. Viewsonic IPS monitor

ViewSonic 32 Inch 1080p Widescreen IPS Monitor with Ultra-Thin Bezels,...
  • FORM & FUNCTION: With ultra-slim bezels design, Full HD (1920x1080p) resolution,...
  • AMAZING AT ANY ANGLE: IPS panel ensures stunning views no matter your vantage...
  • ENHANCED VIEWING COMFORT: Flicker-Free technology and Blue Light Filter for...

Viewsonic monitors are one of the most rated products on Amazon with up to 4000+ positive reviews that prove that it is a worthy monitor.

Viewsonic is a multinational private technology company that specializes in electronics. It was awarded as the best brand that produces monitors in 2020 by a renowned magazine is known as PC.

Following are the features that make view sonic IPS monitor good for readers and writers.


Brand name Viewsonic 
Resolution  1080p
Contrast ratio 1000:1 9 (still)
Screen size 32”
Body type frameless
Display type IPS
Blue light filter Yes
Flicker free screen Yes

Viewsonic viewing comfort:

It is an eye care technology composed of blue light filtering and no flickering of the screen. The significant advantage of this technology is that you can perform several tasks without distressing your eyes.

Modes of the monitor:

This is a pretty unique option given. It has different modes for different uses of the monitor, including text mode, gaming mode, movie, web, and mono modes. By shifting to a specific method, your monitor will customize its display settings like resolution, contrast, etc., according to the selected style. 

So, either you are a reader or a gamer; you can customize your display according to your needs.

Looks and display:

It is a 32″ IPS monitor with an appreciable resolution of 2080p. It has a curve angle of 178° making wires easier. It has a skinny, also called frameless monitor design, giving wider views to the max.

With the help of its flexible connectivity options, this monitor is perfect for screen-sharing purposes. Although it has restricted options to adjust the stand, it contains built-in speakers that will never disappoint you.

  • IPS display
  • High resolution
  • Double speakers
  • Comfort view technology
  • Mode based viewing settings
  • Widespread connectivity options
  • Good refresh rate
  • Back screen bleeding

Buy now on Amazon

Buying guide for the best document reading monitor:

Before investing your money on a monitor, it is vital to go through a good buying guide. Following is the buying guide for monitors that you need for reading documents and texts that will help you to select a perfect monitor per your preference.

Screen display:

The two leading types of screen displays I recommended for reading and writing are IPS and VA display.

In-plane switching ( known as IPS) has gained popularity because of their premium quality display that they give to liquids crystal displays, also known as LCDs. Monitors installed with IPS technology have a little higher rates than regular monitors. But we say that their rates are acceptable given that they provide the best quality, colorful and detailed images and texts.

Whereas vertical alignment displays (known as VA) do not have the same results as IPS as they are built for LEDs. They show less color details than IPS display but have a higher contrast ratio and picture depths than them, making it highly suitable for reading and writing.

If you want a monitor only for reading, go for one with the VA display, but if you have other works to do also like content creation, we will suggest the one with IPS display.

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Resolutions come in different ranges, starting from 720 pixels (usually found in small screen monitors) to 2560poxeld (4k ultra HD display). The higher the resolution goes, the sharper and crisp image becomes, adding a lifelike appearance.

For documents reading, we will recommend you to go for no less than a 1080p HD display. This is because going lower than that will cause you reasoning problems and will not process defined arrays, especially in large-sized monitors.

4k and ultra 4k displays are a perfect choice for any work, but if you are right on a budget or need a monitor only for documentation, you can go for the option given above as it will be a perfect choice for you.

Monitor size and design:

Monitor sized ranges from twenty to more than forty inches. There are many things on which a monitor size depends, namely your distance from screen, resolution, display, and mode of usage.

The ideal size of a monitor for reading ranges somewhere from 24”to 40” for a perfect view. It will give you optimum task focus without casting extra lightings. The greater the screen size, the more visible and the text becomes.

With the screen size, make sure that your monitor stand is adjustable to maximum degrees to get your perfect view. If the stand is not flexible, you can have some problems with reading documents.

Ips Monitors: 10 Best IPS Monitor Under 300 Dollars

No flicker screen and blue light filter:

A blue light filter is software that enables the filtering of blue rays, hence giving a clearer view. At the same time, no flickering screen helps to provide a glint-free smooth working display. The addition of these updates results in prolonged working time for the user without any visual stresses.

Suppose these qualities are absent in the monitor. In that case, the user can go through consecutive eye stresses like soreness, fatigue, and teary eyes, which limits productivity.

Refresh rate:

The refresh rate is the rate at which the monitor updates new impressions with time. For smooth reading, it is vital to have a refresh rate of at least 60Hz. The refresh rate below it is not acceptable, and above is highly appreciable. Buying guide for the best document treading monitor:

My top three monitors are:

  • BenQ IPS monitor
  • Phillips 276E8VJSB monitor
  • Asus design curve

When I used one of these monitors, I was in all agreement with my fellow writers and over never felt that comfortable in front of a monitor for a long time. That’s why I thought it is necessary to share this information as much as I can with the whole world.

Suppose you are a reader, writer, or anyone who deals with proofreading and editing documents. In that case, I will highly suggest them to get their hands on one of these best monitor for reading documents as mentioned above. We have provided you a ton (you can say ten) of different options to opt from. Your choice for the reading monitor should be based on your priorities and your preferences.

I hope that this article will help you find the best monitor for reading text, and we will be more than happy if it did. Thanks for reading this article. I hope to see you again soon.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

What is a god monitor for office work?

According to my preference and a tin of suggestions I got from the various workers. Asus pro art display is one of the best monitors for office work because of its 4k and colorful collection with a fast refresh rate.

Do you need a 4k monitor for office work?

4k monitors are the best display monitors with many qualities that make your office work more manageable. This includes operating multiple tabs and applications at a single time without glitches and many more.

Should I get a 27 or 32-inch monitor?

A 27” monitor is ideally best for the maximum quality resolution. But if you are a professional worker or have many tasks to perform simultaneously, we would recommend you to go for a 32” monitor for wider screen split and operation.

What is a good monitor size for a home office?

It usually depends on the resolution and distance from the screen. But on an average scale, any monitor ranging from 23” to 27” would be a perfect choice for a home office.


I realized that health should be a top priority when I got sore eyes and fatigue while working as a reader and writer on a computer. When I compare the regular monitors with the specially designed different kinds of the best monitor for writers, there was a ton of difference that was shocking. And when I consulted other writers, here’s what I found.

According to different writers, the monitors specifically designed for reading documents are intended to increase the writer’s efficiency to the max. With several installed techs and a specifically formulated structure, they were able to focus on their projects for a long time without any stress.