Best CPU for GTX 1070 in 2023 | Buying Guides and Reviewed by ProBuilts

Best CPU for GTX 1070

Are you a person who comes from a gaming or development background and spends the bulk of your time doing multitasking? If that is the case, you should be mindful that the best gaming cards are essential. However, a gaming card by itself would not be able to provide you with anything you want extraordinary unless it is paired with the best CPU.

When it comes to the GTX 1070 that is among the remarkable series, you will require a high-quality CPU. Thus, the best CPU for 1070Ti allows users to play games at 1440p or 1080p at more than 60 frames per second with little or no lag.

Besides that, you must select a CPU as per your requirements, whether it is for gaming, hyper-threading, video editing, or even broadcasting. In any case, you can connect your 1070 with a high-performance processor when considering the card’s value as well as the overall quality you need.

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Minimum System requirement for GTX 1070

Processor (CPU) Intel i5 & AMD 5 2600
Memory (RAM) 8 GB
Power Supply (PSU) 550 Watts
Motherboard H110

So, if you have already purchased a GTX 1070 and need the best-suited CPU for its better set-up, then this article is for you. Don’t make yourself confused and just stick out this article that is all about the best CPU for 1070

10 Best CPU for GTX 1070 in 2023

1. AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core, 12-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor with...
  • The world's most advanced processor in the desktop PC gaming segment
  • Can deliver ultra-fast 100+ FPS performance in the world's most popular games
  • 6 cores and 12 processing threads bundled with the quiet AMD wraith stealth...

When browsing for a mid-range AMD processor for gameplay and CPU-intensive activities, AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is the right alternative. This top-of-the-line processor features 6-cores and 12-threads, as well as a base clock frequency of 3.6 GHz.

Furthermore, this clock speed can be turbo-boosted from 3.6 GHz to 4.2 GHz. As a consequence, this processor is suitable for gaming, video editing, and streaming. This high-performance AMD Ryzen 5 desktop processor is compatible with AM4-based motherboards as well.

As you may be aware, several processors have serious storage and memory issues; however, you can solve this problem here. This AMD Ryzen processor is designed to work with DDR4 RAM and comes with Wraith Stingray pre-installed.

Furthermore, when it comes to entertainment or office work, the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is a genuine competitor. It is also a capable CPU for activities like content production, streaming media, and picture and video manipulation. It is discovered that this CPU is more powerful with AMD processors in the upper mid-range, such as the GTX 1060 and above.

When it comes to compatibility, this processor is among the world’s most advanced systems that can deliver ultra-fast more than 100 FPS performance. So, the gamers can find this processor highly convenient and advantageous as well. 

Also, this processor has combined with 6-cores that will deliver you the quiet AMD Wraith Stealth cooler. This cooler can help your system to prevent the heat-up having a maximum temperature of 95 C degree. In this direction, you can easily perform the heavy activities and workload without heating the system. 

This processor will support PCIe 4 0 on x570 motherboards for the specialized chipset AM4 platform. As a result, any user can find this processor to be extremely beneficial in obtaining smooth output and uncompromising features. So, go ahead and get the one you deserve!

  • Ultimate gaming performance
  • Quiet AMD Wraith Stealth cooler
  • The advanced chipset AM4 platform
  • Maximum temperature of 95 degrees
  • Cool, quiet and efficient operations 
  • The cooling system can be improved

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it came in on time, didnt take too long to arrive, works perfectly as posted, thank you

2. Intel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor

Intel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.7GHz Turbo...
  • Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • Compatible only with Motherboards based on Intel 300 Series Chipsets
  • 6 Cores / 12 Threads

The Intel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor is the next item on the list, and it is also a very powerful and versatile choice for all users. As you might be aware, not everyone values quality; some are also budget-conscious. As a consequence, for all budget-conscious users, this is the most cost-effective alternative.

Unimpeded gaming, hitch-free hyper-threading to 5 GHz, and 1.35-vcore are just a few of the capabilities of this CPU. All these features have rendered customers happy with this processor. Consumers who loved streaming media while playing computer games reported that this approach slowed down their machine. 

Besides that, the Intel Core i7-8700K CPU allowed consumers to perform games in 4K while transcoding videos for viewing. Buyers can be capricious as well. According to consumers, the jump from four to six components is also significant during multitasking. 

Furthermore, unmatched efficiency, cost-effective materials, no fiddling with overclocking, a long-lasting chipset, no need for temperature control, and a flock of other innovations have rendered this item one of the classics. 

This CPU is a significant advancement over Intel’s prior processors. Also, this is featured with magnificently greater multi-core and single-core figures and amazing gaming efficiency. Thus, intel’s Core i7 CPU is a brute. 

It is the best CPU to pair with GTX 1070 for gamers who want to get the most out of their gaming performance. This processor has outstanding output right out of the box, as well as impressive overclocking and energy usage. Furthermore, its outstanding hyper-threading efficiency sets it apart from other CPUs on the market.

Besides that, the Intel Core i7-8700K is the greatest CPU in Intel’s Coffee Lake selection. It has 12 frames, six cores, and a much faster core frequency than any of its rivals’ versions. It is the best-rounded processor, with almost no flaws. Another advantage that gamers enjoy is its reasonable price.

  • Supported by Intel Optane memory
  • Six hyper-threaded cores
  • Highest clock rates
  • Aggressive Turbo Boost bins
  • Provides amazing performance
  • Requires a motherboard

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3. AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Processor with Wraith Prism LED Cooler -...
  • 8 Cores/16 Threads Unlocked
  • Frequency: 4.3 GHz Max Boost. Base Clock 3.7GHz
  • Compatibility : Windows 10 64 Bit Edition , RHEL x86 64 Bit , Ubuntu x86 64 Bit

Aside from that, I’m going to introduce you to the AMD Ryzen 7 Processor, which is an amazing choice of CPUs. This CPU has been expected to complement all technical advancements for the best possible performance.

Thus, buyers who updated to this CPU are extremely satisfied with the performance, as it manages all tasks quickly and efficiently. Also, all the users strongly encourage other consumers to purchase this item and promise them that they will not be disappointed. 

This model outperforms other CPUs popular due to its incredible efficiency, low cost, and extremely fast clocking frequency. 

It also includes an RGB Wraith-Prism radiator that provides near-silent acoustics as well as efficient thermal output. The RGB LED lighting on this exceptional cooler offers the Ryzen 2700X a distinct look. 

This CPU is a worthwhile update if you need to operate multiple tasks on your device. This item is for you if you want to watch videos, listen to music, or play computer games while still operating device monitoring systems in the backdrop. 

The Ryzen i7 is a well-balanced Processor that any professional PC user should have. This item, which was voted the best graphical fidelity CPU, allows you to experience the apex of content development, games, and intense workload. 

The Ryzen 2700X is without a doubt the best CPU on the market. The improvements to XFR2 and Accuracy Improvement, as well as the Talon Prism cooler, render this a fantastic value kit. Also, this CPU features a 16-thread and 8-core configuration for ultimate results. 

Above all, this CPU’s precision boost 2 feature comes in very handy during encryption and gaming. It will also provide you with very easy and simple procedures. You can do whatever you like with this CPU, due to better overclocking and a wider switching frequency.

  • Makes it easier for users to multitask
  • X470 platform ensures better power delivery
  • Features a 16-thread and 8-core configuration
  • Precision Boost 2 for encoding and gaming
  • High energy is drawn on heavy work-load

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I have open, 47 chrome tabs, Warframe, Vegas 14 editing program, Studio One Music Program, Streaming to discord, and recording my screen with OBS. None of them hanging up and are perfectly balanced along the cores.

4. Intel Core i5-9600K Desktop Processor

Intel Core i5-9600K Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.6 GHz Turbo...
  • 6 Cores / 6 Threads
  • 3.70 GHz up to 4.60 GHz / 9 MB Cache
  • Compatible only with Motherboards based on Intel 300 Series Chipsets

Intel Core i5-9600K, a well-known model, has released this incredible desktop processor that answers all of your “ifs” and “buts” right now. So, sit back and read on for a fantastic and powerful chip that is made for an exceptional gaming experience. 

It allows DDR4 RAM and arrives with an Enlightened wraith camouflage cooler pre-installed. For games, video production, and other processor-intensive tasks, the Intel Core i5-96ooK is the most sophisticated CPU accessible.

This CPU is part of the most powerful and efficient families of Intel core desktop processors. With the help of turbo boost technology, you will get the ultimate gaming experience of 4.6 GHz. So, there will be no issue with storage or memory with this processor. 

The Intel Core i5-9600K is a 6-core middle-range computing CPU aimed at game lovers. Also, it is made for a user group that mostly uses their PC to play games but is familiar with processor tuning and wants to get a little more power over time.

Thus, slight clock speed increments are available, as well as it allows for up to 128 GB of dual-channel DDR4 storage and system improvements. It is accessible for some CPU bugs that plagued computation for the majority of 2018. 

Moreover, the Core i5-9600K is capped at 3.70 GHz with a high Hyper-Threading rate of 4.60 GHz. It is more efficient as compared to the previous version i5-86003.60 K’s GHz average and 4.40 GHz peak Turbo frequencies. It has an accessible processor that makes overclocking a breeze.

Customers claimed that this processor is not only good for playing games but also for multiple tasks. Having the 6-cores and 6-threads, you can easily get the most out of it. The only drawback is that this GTX 1070 recommended CPU is only accessible with the motherboard based on the series of 300-chipsets.

  • Best-in-class for ultimate gaming performance
  • The blazing-fast outcome for multitasking
  • Best for productivity apps without being heated
  • More core. Threads and speed
  • Less supported hardware

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5. AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AM4 Processor 

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 65W AM4 Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler...
  • Frequency: 3.6GHz precision boost
  • 6 cores/12 threads unlocked
  • Cache: 3MB/16MB (l2/l3)

Due to their low cost and outstanding reliability, Ryzen CPUs are one of the most major gaming CPUs in the industry. If you’re searching for the best CPU to go with your GTX 1070, look no further than the Ryzen 1600 AF.

The Ryzen 5 1500 AF, which is developed on a 12nm structure, is a more affordable processor for gamers on a target budget. Thus, it allows users to experience gaming on another level that you never had before. 

In the group of PC manufacturers, the Ryzen 5 1600 AF is a good option for saving money. With six cores and 12 frames, this is the most efficient CPU available for under $100. It is considered that Ryzen 1600 is going to be comparable to Ryzen Plus 2600 in terms of efficiency.

Although the Ryzen 1600 AF is not designed to be overclocked, you can do so if you like. A hardware update has a significantly lower performance loss than a system fix, which is what this processor would deal with. Nonetheless, it pales in comparison to the immense i7 8700K on the ranking. 

Likewise, it does not overload when gaming, which is impressive for a low-cost entry-level CPU. When used in conjunction with the GTX 1070, this CPU is capable of delivering 60+ frames per second on many popular game titles at higher resolutions.

You can also unlock this good CPU with GTX 1070 for overclocking for the ultimate technological advantage. In this manner, overclocking this processor is now a breeze. As a consequence, it is a preferable choice with exceptional all-around results. When it comes to heating the processor, it has an excellent cooling system as well. 

Overall, it is the cheapest option CPU for players looking for high-end output at a low cost. Except for overclocking and energy requirements, it is excellent quality and value CPU.

  • Exceptional all-rounded results
  • High-end output at lower cost
  • More than 60 frames per second
  • Best value for the money
  • Lower performance loss and high efficiency 
  • Memory overclocking

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Worked perfectly without any problems

6. Intel Core i5-8600K Desktop Processor 

Intel Core i5-8600K Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.3 GHz Unlocked...
  • Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • Compatible only with Motherboards based on Intel 300 Series Chipsets
  • 6 Cores / 12 Threads

Buyers who bought this CPU with the GTX 1070 have said they have never even had a better gaming performance. They state that this product is better because it allows them to enjoy any game without problems. 

It is incredibly fast, and many consumers believe it offers the best bang for the buck. The Intel Core i5-8600K is among the powerful CPU models widely available in terms of reliability. This CPU is a user’s vision, with a baseline clock frequency of 3.6 GHz, six overclockable processors, and a peak boosted frequency of 4.3 GHz.

This CPU is ideal for gamers who use their computer primarily for gaming. Its six centers perform at 3.6 to 4.3 GHz. In this way, they are capable of watching media gaming, editing online media, and performing a variety of other demanding tasks. 

For added performance, you can overclock the components to collaborate at a higher frequency than their higher amplitude. The Intel Core i5-8600K provides a major increase in performance over its contemporaries. The turbo improvement buckets of this CPU provide outstanding performance in light-threaded workflows. 

Furthermore, the Core i5 8600K does not come with inventory vents, necessitating the use of an external cooler. In this way, it will not heat up. This CPU is still one of the best in terms of speed and pure efficiency. 

Despite the lack of Multi-threading, it provides efficient and reliable efficiency in both gameplay and workflow frameworks. Even though it is a good CPU for GTX 1070 and does not generate any energy, it is recommended that you turbo-boost it.

This CPU is highly required by gamers because of its amazing gaming efficiency and ease of overclocking. While prior Intel quad-core CPUs can still get enough framing for consumers, this eight-generation Processor can provide a richer outcome.

  • Can run most games on high settings
  • Unlocked multiplier for faster overclocking
  • Super-fast CPU which can be easily installed
  • I5 8-Generation cores ensure great value for money
  • Only accessible with motherboards based on 300-chipsets

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7. AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Processor with Wraith Prism LED Cooler -...
  • 8 Cores/16 Threads Unlocked
  • Frequency: 4.3 GHz Max Boost. Base Clock 3.7GHz
  • Compatibility : Windows 10 64 Bit Edition , RHEL x86 64 Bit , Ubuntu x86 64 Bit

Now I will astound you with an amazing CPU option known as the AMD Ryzen 5 2600X chip. Users who own a CPU must deal with issues such as memory, heat, and speed, but this CPU has been designed to address all of these issues by offering superior specifications.

Consumers were surprised and pleased by this CPU’s efficiency, as they are capable of running it at 4.2 GHz all day without experiencing any heat concerns. The sturdy OEM Spire heat spreaders allow applications to manipulate numerous programs at the same time. You can operate all these operations without experiencing any instability or performance issues. 

Many consumers were hesitant at first because the complex OC program appeared to be too authentic. However, after several days of use, they can comfortably testify to its superior efficiency. 

This GTX 1070 compatible CPU offers excellent gaming connection speeds and markedly enhanced multi-core performance. This is due to its new 12nm Zen+ framework and higher load frequency.

Despite being less expensive than its competitors, the Ryzen 5 2600X processor is of comparable quality and reliability. With the aid of selective changes to distribution structures, it greatly simplifies clock frequency per core and allows optimum use of cache grades. 

The Ryzen 5 2600X is not only a fantastic gaming CPU with significant multi-threaded capabilities, but it also offers good value for money. It also includes a new exclusive RGB Wraith Prism, which contributes to the product’s appeal.

Gamers and computer lovers pay particular attention to the intel processors and CPUs they use. They can confidently perform with the aid of this CPU. It outperforms its competitors in terms of single-core power and multi-core performance. 

It outperforms its competitors in terms of single-core efficiency, multi-core performance, and gameplay experience without compromising its durability. As a result, this device is perfect for gamers who value processor speed.

  • Improved cache performance and memory
  • Bundled cooler and storage software
  • Backward compatible with 300-Series chipsets
  • Much faster than the previous generation models
  • Sophisticated multi-core boosts 
  • Lacks value-oriented motherboards of 400-series

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Bought this almost 3 years ago and still running fine with no issues.

8. Intel Core i5-8400 Desktop Processor

Intel Core i5-8400 Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.0 GHz LGA 1151...
  • Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • Compatible only with Motherboards based on Intel 300 Series Chipsets
  • 6 Cores / 12 Threads

Core i5 processors have long been regarded as among the best in the gaming and PC-building environments. One of the most cost-effective CPUs to combine with the GTX 1070 is this Intel’s Core i5-8400. This CPU comes highly recommended by consumers for anyone looking for great gameplay performance without investing a lot of money. 

It is an efficient chip that operates at about 3.9 GHz on different processes, so there is no need to be worried about turbo boost. It has a high base screen resolution and can easily be super or over-clocked to 5.1 GHz.

It is a great combination of gameplay strength and multi-core efficiency, making it one of the better CPUs on the market. In heavy implementations, its efficient six-core architecture ensures a professional advantage. The Core i5-8400 is the competitive champ on a pound-for-pound basis.

It encourages consumers that they will not be disappointed if they purchase this product, specifically if they are on a strict budget. This best CPU for GTX 1070 ti gamer’s processor brings a tremendous competitive advantage to the market. 

Additionally, this flexible and efficient CPU is suitable for gamers and office workers alike. You can now play the game that was previously unavailable on your device. Not only this, but you can also execute computer-based functions, Photoshop, modeling, and Corel without difficulty. 

This chip fully removes low-performance issues and guarantees your system’s productivity. The Intel Core i5 is a wise option because it offers a lot of features for a very reasonable price. 

It has a fixed boost frequency of 4 GHz and can hexacore to an impressive 5.1 GHz with little preparation. As a result, the Core i5-8400 is the most cost-effective Coffee Lake processor for players. This CPU provides excellent performance with a high gaming frame rate due to its 6 cores and threads.

  • Ideal for users on a budget
  • Stunning processor with six high-speed cores
  • Exceptional performance in games
  • Powerful chip capable of delivering high gaming frame rates
  • Only operate with 300-series chipset

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9. AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Processor with Wraith Spire LED Cooler -...
  • 8 Cores/16 Threads UNLOCKED. Supported Technologies AMD StoreMI Technology, AMD...
  • Frequency: 4.1 GHz Max Boost. CMOS : 12nm FinFET. OS Support Windows 10 64 Bit...
  • Includes Wraith Spire Cooler with LED. Base Clock 3.2GHz

Are you fed up with looking for a suitable CPU for your GTX 1070 and coming up empty-handed? Get this AMD Ryzen 7 2700 processor and forget about your worries. This AMD Ryzen 7 is the beast among all CPUs, with maximum turbo-boosting and clock frequency.

Along with 8-cores and 16-threads, this CPU has made the process of unlocking very easy and effective. When you talk about the supported innovations, it can support AMD store-MI technology, AMD Sense-MI Technology, and AMD Ryzen Master utility. 

All of these features and innovations make this CPU a very significant option for all gamers as well as developers. This CPU has attached a frequency rate of 4.1 GHz with a maximum boosting rate of 12nm. Also, it supports Windows 10 with a 64-bit edition. 

Thus, the operating system of the AMD Ryzen 2700 will vary according to the company and producer. Also, it includes a wraith spire cooling system that will prevent the system to be overheated. With this amazing cooler, you will get an LED for clear vision. 

When it comes to other tasks, this CPU is at the top of the priority list. As a result, it’s a competent CPU for tasks like content creation, web browsing, and image and video editing. Well, it is the highest performance chip on the marketplace and is a prime example of innovative software engineering.

It is a simple and quick way to increase capacity in a windows Machine with an AMD Ryzen 7 processor. Thus, Ryzen 7 2700 CPUs with enlightened Sense-MI architecture utilize true machine intelligence to improve optimize efficiency. 

Overall, this best processor for GTX 1070 is an Easy-to-Use Hyper-threading tool for AMD RyzenTM processors. So, you can consider this CPU for all your gaming and other office tasks relating to higher performance.

  • Helps to accelerate performance
  • Improves optimized efficiency
  • Prevents the over-heating
  • LED for clear vision
  • Lower heat consumption 
  • Stability issues

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Got this in 2019 at like 63% off. It was nuts. Still works to this day

10. Intel Core i5-10400 Desktop Processor

Intel Core i5-10400 Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.3 GHz  LGA1200...
  • 6 Cores / 12 Threads
  • Socket type LGA 1200
  • Up to 4. 3 GHz

Last but surely not least, this Intel Core i5-10400 desktop processor is the best-performing CPU on the list. The Intel processor specializes in achieving optimal link speeds when it occurs in the game. When you pair this system with your GTX 1070, you will notice a world of difference.

It is among the most cost-effective CPUs available that do not require liquid conditioning. The positive thing about this CPU is that this does not overload in any of the traditional console games when played at maximum settings.

The Intel Core i5-10400 is a six-core graphics processor released in April 2020. It is a Core i5 processor with the Kaby Lake framework and Connector 1200. So, the structure of this CPU is very well to perform all related tasks. 

The Core i5-10400 utilizes a standard voltage level for a windows Computer, with a TDP of 65 W. DDR4 storage with a dual-channel architecture is supported by Intel’s CPU. The maximum extensible memory speed is 2666 MHz, but you can go even faster with rebooting. The Core i5-10400 utilizes a PCI-Express Gen 3 link to communicate with other system components.

It is the ideal CPU for someone who owns a GTX 1070 and enjoys pushing the boundaries of gameplay. Also, it is suitable for gaming because of technologies like hyper-threading, low energy consumption (95W), and hyper-threading.

Furthermore, the core counting is pretty much doubled, to 12 frames, due to Intelligence Hyper-Threading. The processor has 12MB of Memory space and runs at 2.9 GHz by default, but focusing on the application, it can improve to 4.3 GHz. 

The Core i5-10400 is manufactured on a 14 nm manufacturing platform, but the switching frequency is uncertain. The Core i5-multiplier 10400’s is mounted by limiting its hyper-threading capacity. Thus, the UHD Graphics 630 AMD processors platform is also included with this processor.

  • Intel Optane memory support
  • Less energy consumption
  • Faster hyper-threading
  • Best performance and efficiency booster 
  • Memory overclocking

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Buying Guide 

Shopping is becoming an increasingly important part of everyone’s life, but what can make it a successful venture? Do you want to purchase the CPU for a GTX 1070 for yourself? 

The central processing unit (CPU) is an important component of your computer system. The CPU you select will determine your processor choices, whether you’re constructing a new PC or updating a current one. This is because each processor is only consistent with a specific set of graphics cards and CPU sockets.

If you are not utilizing the right details, it can take a long time to decide the right one. I will make things work for you. I have spent time reading, updating, and gathering trustworthy information for you, which will speed up the buying process.

Clock Speeds 

The clock speed or processor’s speed is one of the most crucial factors that you have to consider while purchasing a CPU. The processor’s processing speed is calculated in gigahertz (GHz). The better the CPU is, the greater the cost will be. 

Thus, the majority of modern CPUs change their clock speeds in response to their condition and the quality of the work. As a result, a boost (maximum) and a core (minimum) frequency will be specified.


The processor’s components are the processors themselves. So, you can imagine that cores are the most essential aspect to look for. Today’s CPUs have two to thirty-two cores and the majority of CPUs have four to eight caches. In this way, it is necessary for a common CPU. 

Each of these cores is capable of handling its list of functions. It is safer to have at least four components unless you are looking to save money.


Now come to another very essential aspect of a CPU named threads. Thus, threads are the number of individual operations that a processor can manage at the same level, which is the same as the clock frequency in general. 

Multi-threading is a feature of most CPUs that allows a single core to connect two strings. Sequential multi-threading is what AMD considers it, and Hyper-Threading is what Intel labels it. More connections mean improved efficiency and multitasking. On heavily threaded applications like videographers, more connections lead to enhanced production and multi-tasking.


Will an i5 bottleneck a GTX 1070?

No, a GTX1070 or any individual graphics chipset will not be bottlenecked by the i5 4460. However, your power supply is inadequate for such a setup and you will have to replace it fairly soon.

Is the GTX 1070 still good in 2023?

The GTX 1070 Ti is still a very competent as well as a powerful card. It is a particularly tempting and fascinating deal. So, you will have a greater chance of having it in 2023.

Will an i7 4790K bottleneck a GTX 1070?

Yes, an i7 4790K will bottleneck a GTX 1070. Well, if you update it you can easily operate a GTX 1070 with Intel Core i5-8600K. 

Is GTX 1070 overkill for 1080p 60hz?

Particularly, the cost of the GTX 1070 is still high because of high competition. However, if there is such a thing as superfluous for 1080p, 1070 might be it. It is possible only if you have a 60Hz monitor and you can always update it.

Can 1070 run 240 Hz?

Yes, if you have a high-end CPU and RAM, you will be able to maintain a steady frame rate of 250 frames per second. On the other hand, 240 Hz is just too good to pass up as a potential investment.

Is GTX 1070 future proof?

The GTX 1060 isn’t very future-proof, while the GTX 1070 is unquestionably significant and will provide you reasonable results.


Let’s wrap up this article by saying that the best CPU for GTX 1070 is a must-have if you want to properly configure your system. The most significant fact is that when buying one, you must be cautious and deceptive.

As you might know, I have included all of the high-quality CPUs in the list, but due to its memory and cooling system, AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Processor is my absolute favorite.

I hope you found this content to be both educational and entertaining. Also, I’d love it if you will leave your valuable feedback in the comments section.

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