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1440p or 4k Gaming

Most people understand the distinction between 1080p high definition and 4K or 2160p Ultra High Definition (UHD) videos. If it is only on a basic level, it makes a difference. 

4K offers a larger, crisper resolution suitable for a theater projection than the 1080p FHD standards. Is 1440p a 4k resolution? 

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Which one is the superior, 1440p or 4k? 

1440p known as QHD (Quad HD), is a quality that falls in between HD Quality and 4K. It is popular on cell devices as well as PCs due to its high-quality images and impressive image densities. However, unlike 4k or 1080p, 1440p is not widely used. 

And what about 1440p? Is it superior to 4K? It cannot be, because 4K is 2160p, whereas 1440p has fewer pixels. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the comparison of 1440p vs. 4K.  

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What is the difference between 1440p VS 4k? 

You can use pixel measurements to compare 1440p and 4k resolutions. As it contains more pixels, 4k resolution is crisper than 1440p. The ratio of length and width in pixels has used to define a monitor’s quality. 

A 1440p display has a width of 2560 pixels and a height of 1440 pixels. On the other hand, the width of a 4k resolution image is 3860 pixels, while the height is 2160 pixels. The resolution of a 1440p display is sometimes known as QHD (Quad HD), WQHD, or Quad-HD. 

Similarly, 4k might be referred to as UHD, Ultra HD, or 2160 pixels. Another aspect to watch before buying is whether you can obtain 144Hz with HDMI. Are you also conscious that you can overclock your monitor?

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These are the manufacturers that presently dominate the market, with 8k progressively making intrusions.

Do 4k monitors support 1440p? 

It is feasible to use a higher-resolution screen to present a lower-resolution image. However, if you are used to 4k resolution, you could find the screen underwhelming. When it comes to gaming, it all varies. 

Some may enable native resolution and automatic upgrade, resulting in improved results. The issue with increasing the monitor resolution is that the image becomes blurry. Regardless, it’s acceptable.

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The majority of people believe that the images will appear smaller. You may believe that the pictures will shrink as a result of the modification, but this is not the case. Instead, there is a technology component that will upscale the image to fit into 4k.

  • Display type comparison of 4k 

From the late 2010s through the early 2020s, large HDTVs and the newest projections are becoming increasingly popular. 

In comparison to projectors and HDTVs, camcorders are more likely to have DCI 4K.

In comparison to DCI 4K, the 2160p resolution is the more prevalent 4K.

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  • Display type comparison of 1440p 

In 2022 1440p and 1080p are more extensively supported than 4K on HDTVs, presentations, displays, and even webcams.

In comparison to 4K UHD, legacy systems can upscale and manipulate 1440p efficiently.

This may change soon as FHD and QHD become obsolete in favor of 480p and analog screens.

What are the major factors about the 1440p and 4k? 

Following are the major factors to consider for the 1440p and 4k. Let’s talk about them one by one: 

  • Usage 
  • Productivity 
  • Gaming 

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  • With the rising availability of good quality films, gaming, and processing in news publications, 1440p and 4k quality monitors and TVs are sneaking into the marketplace at a remarkable rate.
  • In recent years, 4k and 1440p have become the most popular resolutions for gaming TV displays and screens. They are popular because they provide enhanced stability, good images, and good sound. 
  • A 4k or 1440p display will be suitable for crisp presentations. You can operate in the virtual environment, such as video editors, YouTubers, film producers, or office employees. It allows you to display many panels and perform multiple tasks at the same time.
  • In terms of price and performance, 1440p resolution is the finest. However, 4k resolution pixels edge out in terms of technicalities, resolution supremacy, and pixels analysis. 
  • Furthermore, they frequently include the best anti-aliasing capabilities. With increased technology, the resolutions produce exceptional performance while remaining good and attractive. This way, it will result in considerable variations at some stage. 
  • To name a few, the technology involved in boosting quality is working very hard to transform watching, gaming, YouTube, and manufacturers.


When using a 4k display, it has recommended that you must use one that is 32 inches or larger. It should depend on your particular preference for high quality. It is difficult to read the symbols without scaling, which adds to the cost of small displays

27-inch displays with 1440p resolution are perfect for gameplay and even workplaces. As a result, you will have a great 4K gaming performance. 

It’s also great for use in the office, YouTubers, and content creation. Why should you invest in a 40-inch 4K monitor? 

The addition of the 4k resolution on the screen elevates it to the pinnacle of gaming performance. It is simple to use a 4k 40″ monitor for sophisticated video or photo editing. In this manner, it will result in a high-quality finished product.

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  • You will enjoy using wider screens when gaming because they are more pleasing to the eyes. Is it involuntary? To have the highest performance and acquire fantastic visuals, you may require numerous components.
  • These include sturdy pieces of hardware, such as a powerful CPU, and powerful graphics card. A wide monitor also includes, especially when utilizing a gaming monitor 4k. With a 40-inch or larger monitor, 4k resolution may provide an excellent gaming experience. 
  • It may necessitate the use of a sound video card, especially a GTX 1070. You will need a game screen that can handle the pixels supplied by your GPU for the greatest results. There are various options for various levels of Gaming Screens based on your budget.  
  • The majority of people choose a 1440p gaming monitor because it is simple to use. Also, it does not need any expensive hardware to function properly. Even while the 4k gaming display had praised, it may be too costly to maintain and sustain. 
  • Although there is a significant difference between the two, 1440p has favored in gameplay. The ideal gaming quality has determined by your money for more powerful displays. The optimum gaming resolution is currently 1440p, most gamers are gradually adapting to 4k gaming.

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Which are the good monitors for gaming? 

In the past, there was less competition in the gaming sector for good displays in terms of performance and screen. However, as gaming has progressed, professional game-changers have emerged. Now, they necessitate the need for daily updates and improvements. 

Whether you are a casual player or a professional gamer, you will require high-quality gaming displays. And these monitors are designed specifically for gaming and allow you to get the most out of your gaming PC.

These displays have enhanced gaming capabilities and are precise at the maximum resolution. There are many various types of gaming screens. Every screen is designed with its own set of needs and specifications, such as professional graphics cards and CPUs.

Having said that, if you are a multitasker, 1440p monitors may be necessary due to their ease of installation. They are also less expensive, and there’s not much of a distinction between them (1440p and 4k).

How you can decide which one is good for you? 

At first look, the contrast of 1440p and 4k appears to be true. Due to its higher quality and screen size, 4K 2160p is superior to 1440p. This makes it ideal for larger HDTVs or projections with enormous displays.

The pixel count is an accurate means of quantifying the difference between the two, the real value of these quality requirements is mostly determined by how they are used. 

In addition, 1440p has a higher degree of support than 4K. The primary argument between 4K and 1440p is gaming PC monitors rather than gaming projections or HDTVs. 

To be more exact, a 1440p gaming monitor is more cost-effective and helpful when compared to a 1080p gaming pc.

How much bigger is 1440k than 4k? 

As 4k quality has more pixels than 1440p, it is more realistic. The width and height in pixels define the monitor’s quality. A width of 2560 pixels and a height of 1440 pixels are represented by a 1440p. 

The 4k quality picture has a width of 3860 pixels and a height of 2160 pixels. 1440p is significantly finer than 1080p, with significantly more than 3.6 million pixels. However, at the present, 1080p is the most prevalent monitor quality, with 1440p increasing favor.


This article is all about the complete comparison of the 1440p vs 4k. By going through this article, you will come to the exact difference between them. 

In videos and images, appearance and clarity are essential. In comparison to 1440, 4k has a higher resolution rate. It is simple to use monitors in pc gaming, desk jobs, and YouTubers. They facilitate modification and help increase frame rate, graphic cards, and frames per second. 

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It has the highest resolutions, visuals, and productive working conditions, yet all you have to think about is your money.

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